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feedback for poppy

Aug 19, 2008

    1. Please leave me some feedback when you have time.
      Thank you.:D
    2. I ordered the makeup commission to POPPY.
      She was easy to communicate with and she did a perfect job. The head was sent back with perfect packaging.
      I will definitely deal with POPPY again. :D

      Thank you very much, POPPY san :aheartbea
    3. I commissioned Poppy to paint my F-22 boy. She worked very quickly and did an amazing job. She seemed to know exactly what I want and he's beautiful. Thank you so much!
    4. :fangirl:Poppy painted my Madoka. She knew exactly what I wanted and did the most amazing job.

      Poppy was super fast, communication was excellent and she was so sweet and kind. The head was also very well packaged. I highly recommend Poppy. Thank you Poppy for helping me realize my dream!:love

    5. I ordered two faceups from Poppy~
      She was so great to deal with *____*
      She did an amazing job and helped me when I was unsure of exactly what I wanted by redoing the faceup.
      She is a truly great artist!!!! :)
    6. Commissioned poppy and she did an unbelievable job. I think I was a little worried that there would be a bit of a language barrier at first but she is very nice and organized. She kept in touch and provided beautiful pictures of a beautiful faceup for approval before shipping it back promptly in a beautiful box.
      An excellent experience all around.

    7. I have sent my Luts Dion to Poppy for face up and she did another amazing job. Poppy is very fast, communicates really well and is among the best customizers in the world. Poppy's work is exquisite, the level of detail, the wide range of tones and colors and the uniqueness of her work is beyond extraordinary. One really needs to see in person to understand it. Having worked with at least 10 other customizers, I have to say that Poppy tops the list. Poppy is also very sweet and sent me candy :)

      Thank you so much Poppy for allowing me to enjoy your art. :fangirl:

    8. First off let me say I will be commissioning Poppy to be doing ALL my faceups from now on. Its not only her beautiful faceups that I want done for my dolls, but the fact she actually listens to what you want. It doesn't matter what your request is, she does what you want with her amazing talent, really bringing your doll to life! :fangirl: Its like she pulled the picture of how I wanted my boy painted and did it just like that! Just wow!

      My boy just blew me away when I saw him! And in person he is even more gorgeous! I've had people tell me how beautiful he is! Thank you so much Poppy! You are one of the best faceup artists EVER!

      Also I expressed that I would want him back in time for my birthday, the 24th and she did him super fast and had him back in my arms just as fast! I'm so happy I could cry!
    9. I'm leaving more feedback for 2 more heads Poppy painted for me. They truly are just AMAZING! And arrived fast with some sweets inside! Thanks so much again Poppy! You are the most amazing faceup artist ever! :D
    10. Poppy is an EXCELLENT faceup artist, she painted my Lazule and I plan to commission her again. The quality and attention to detail is superb. She follows your order as best as she is able and is more than friendly. Overall, very excellent. I highly recommend her.
    11. Poppy painted two of my dolls- my Beryl and Luna boy... and (needless to say) they are both gorgeous! Thank you very much!
      I highly recommend her!
    12. Poppy did an incredibly beautiful faceup for my Tsukasa. The head came back to me very well packaged, and her communication was very good.
    13. I commissioned Poppy for the faceup of one of my Heaths. She is really nice and friendly to communicate with. Her work is delicate and beautiful~
      She packed the doll head very well and gave a box of biscuits as a little gift.
      It was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much Poppy~^^
    14. I love poppy! :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea She painted my girls Ayako (CP Juri 2005) and Midori (Yo-SD Megu) exactly as I had asked her. It's like she could read my mind, even with the (double) language barrier. When I received the heads, they were very carefully packaged and she even included a small gift. She's the best! I am definitely sending more heads to her in the future! :fangirl: Thank you so much!
    15. I commissioned poppy to do face ups for my SDF Howl and SDF Abadon and she was just a dream to work with! She knows exactly what you want and the quality of her face ups are top-notch. Communication and packaging were excellent, and she was so polite and friendly.

      I'll be commissioning poppy for any face ups I need in the future. ;]
    16. Commissioned two heads from Poppy. She is absolutely amazing! The face-ups are so gorgeous! She was very friendly. I will definitely commission from her again! Highly HIGHLY recommend her! Thank you so much!
    17. I commissioned Poppy for a third faceup. I really love working with her because she usually sends my dolls back in 3 weeks and the faceups are super amazing. She seems to interpret what I want in a faceup so well and deliver amazing faceups. I really really recommend her.

    18. Poppy just painted the most exquisite doll for me!! The face-up was amazing!.. The presentation in the box was so beautiful and she included "extras". I love her work so much and she is just the sweetest person to deal with...Communication was wonderful and I hope to buy another doll soon from her. Great artist and amazing talent!!!!
    19. Poppy painted two face ups for me and it was very fast and the face ups are more amazing that I could have possibly dreamed ^_^ She definitely interpreted exactly what I wanted for each one and her special eyelashes look so real! I love them both very much and she truly brought out their potential :D Also her boxes are super cute and the biscuits are awesome ;) Thank you so much!!~~ I would definitely commission another face up from her in the future and I highly recommend her ^^
    20. Poppy found my Dollshe Saint's thoughtful soul in his austere sculpt. I am extremely pleased and very respectful of her lovely work and the rapid speed for turnaround between our respective countries. The special eyelashes are an excellent finishing touch -- proportional and elegant.

      Thank you, Poppy! I will definitely commission another face up in the future.