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feedback for PPZ

Jul 28, 2008

    1. ok, so I have only sold one item before, (a Lati L RED) but I am hoping to start doing little things as well so I want to make one of these.

      Any one who has feedback on my items and such please post here!!! I'll have to get the owner of the Lati to post too. :D

      see you around everyone! <3
    2. I bought a doll (Lati Red L) from Pandapuffz! :D

      It was her first transaction at DoA Marketplace so she didn't have a feedback thread yet. But I am very pleased to leave a feedback for her about our transaction.

      Pandapuffz was very pleasant and professional throughout the whole transaction. She gave me an alternate way of contacting her in case she did not check her DoA account.

      She showed me all pictures I requested of the doll to prove that he is at hand.

      I put the doll on layaway and she was really good in getting back to me when the payments were received.

      One thing that I really like was the effective network she has for contacting her. She is a very busy student and has a friend whom I can contact and would contact her and she will immediately get back to me.

      Pandapuffz was also very forthcoming when she couldn't ship my doll right away and I was understanding of the situation (vacation and such). But when she returned from her vacation, she immediately shipped my doll.

      Everything went smoothly and I highly recommend Pandapuffz! She is very trustworthy, reliable, forthcoming and pleasant to deal with. :thumbup:thumbup

      I will definitely buy from her again! :D
    3. it was a pleasure working with you too !! ^v^
    4. I commissioned a Pink knitted Bunny hat for my DOD Shall. It came out ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! Plus it fits her head perfectly. I am so pleased with her work! And the little face on the hat is to die for! Plus one ear flops a little more so it adds to the cuteness! Her pricing is extremely generous for such awesome work!
      There was no shipping involved since she visits my home often. XD
      Will do buisness with again in the near future!
    5. I bought a DIM Silf Honey from pandapuffz and it was a pleasure to work with her. The communicatin was great and even with the awful New England weather and the holidays, she shipped the package as soon as she could. Thank you!