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Feedback for PrincessEv

Oct 19, 2009

    1. Hello!

      This is the feedback thread for PrincessEv.

      If you have bought items from me or sold items to me, please post here!

    2. PrincessEv bought a pair of my Raw-Kiss eyes and was a great customer. Thanks so much!! :-D
    3. PrincessEV bought a pair of lucky punch hands from me and she was very nice to deal with! She kept good communication and paid me promptly.

      Thanks for a smooth transaction :)
    4. PrincessEV commission me for some things for her puki. She was very patient while I worked on her order, paid promptly, and communication was smooth. Thanks for the great transaction!
    5. PrincessEv bought a little pair of puki wings from me, she paid very quickly and was friendly and sweet, I highly recommend!
    6. PrincessEv ordered a puki wig from my shop~ It was an excellent transaction~ she was very nice and patient. Not to mention fast payment! It had been a pleasure doing business with her. ^_^ Come back anytime ~
    7. I'm back again :) PrincessEv commissioned me again, and as expected the transaction was perfectly smooth. Prompt payment, friendly communication, what more could you as for in a buyer? Thanks!
    8. PrincessEv commissioned 3 more wigs from my shop~ As always! she's super friendly~ and being an awesome buyer that she is~ Come back anytime!

      i recommend this person to all~
    9. PrincessEv, bought a LTF Ante face plate from me! Everything went great~! Thank you so much!!
    10. i had a really wonderful transaction with PrincessEV.
      overall a great transaction,.. excellent communication and payment was A+
      thanks so much again
    11. Princess Ev bought a faceplate from me, the transaction was great, the payment was made very quickly and communication has been very pleasant and friendly.
      Sharon x
    12. PrincessEv is one of my most wonderful customer~ of course as mentioned in other feedbacks i have left. She's always super fast with payments~ Super nice about everything~ and of course! Super patient with my insane RL schedule!

      Thank you PrincessEv, hope to see you soon again~
    13. I bought a leather corset from PrincessEv! She was a pleasure to deal with, great communication I'd be happy to purchase items from her again!
    14. PrincessEv and I traded she was great!
    15. I bought her two puki girls! She was great on communication and quick payment and anything you could ask for in a seller! Would deal with again! Thanks for letting me get those girls! :)
    16. Sold a Zuzu Persi to PrincessEv. Great buyer! Excellent communication, friendly, and let me know as soon as it arrived. Paid quickly too! Would gladly do business with again.
    17. PrincessEv commissioned me for an eye opening mod and a faceup on her LTF Ante. I couldn't be happier with the transaction, she was really nice to work with, paid on time, and let me know when Evangeline arrived back home. I'd be happy to work with PrincessEv again any time! :)
    18. PrincessEv commissioned 5 yo sd shirts from me. Was wonderful to work with and paid very quickly! Thanks again for a great experience!
    19. +++.. awesome commison-er!!!
      overall transaction went really well
      was very patient with me as i had some delays in the overall transaction <3
      thanks so much again and please stop by and see me again
    20. I traded some marketplace items for a faceplate from TwilightFerret (great name by the way). Everything went awesome! Would highly recommend!! ​