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Feedback for PrincessMagick

Jul 11, 2010

    1. Hello Angels :aangel:,

      Please leave feedback for me in this thread if you have had a transaction/business with me.

      Thank you very much! xoxo

    2. PrincessMagick purchased a Lati Doll Blue Vampire Cara from me & I am very happy with the transaction. Inara is great to deal with she pays very quickly & returns communications very fast! I highly recommended her in every way!!! :)
    3. PrincessMagick purchased a MSD sized outfit from me, it's been a great transaction !
      Her payment was prompt, besides she is super nice and friendly !
      I really recommend her to anyone !
      Thank you so much Inara ! :aheartbea
    4. PrincessMagick bought two pairs of Safrin eyes from me. She was very friendly throughout the transaction and paid promptly. Communication was excellent--she let me know not only when she sent the payment but also when she received the package. I would not hesitate to do business with PrincessMagick again, and i would certainly recommend her as a buyer to anyone.
      Thank you for the awesome transaction!
    5. PrincessMagick purchased a handmade outfit from me, the transaction was absolutely perfect !
      She sent the payment very quickly and let me know when she received the outfit, besides she is a really kind and trustworthy person. I would definitely do business with her again !
      Thank you so much for being such a wonderful buyer ! :aheartbea
    6. PrincessMagic bought some clothes from me, and she was super! She payed super fast and let me know when the package arrived. She seems really nice and her messages were always sweet:)

      Thank you so much for a perfect transaction!
    7. PrincessMagick purchased 4 Yo-sd dresses from me, and once again everything was beyond perfect !!!
      Besides she is super friendly and very serious, you can definitely trust her !
      Many thanks again ! *big hugs* :)
    8. Princessmagick purchased a Lati yellow romper from me.She was friendly with great communication and made payment very quickly.Many thanks for a lovely transaction! :daisy
    9. PrincessMagick is in deed a super nice person to deal with!! communication was wonderdul all the time and notice me as soon as doll arrived! my English is not good enough to express how thankful and lucky I am to do a transaction with her!!

      many hugsssss XD
    10. i adopted a Lati doll from PM and the transaction was perfectly wonderful. communication was very friendly and the doll was sent promptly :D it was well-packed and included a lovely note :) i was even refunded for a difference in shipping cost! thanks so much for a perfect transaction! highly recommended xx
    11. PrincessMagick bought 4 pairs of eyes and one wig from me. Perfect transaction! Thanks again! :D
    12. PrincessMagick bought some glass eyes from my selling thread.
      All went perfect!
      Hope to deal with PrincessMagick again! ^^
    13. I just sold a Puki to PrincessMagick. It was a brilliant transaction! Great communication, super fast payment, and wonderful to deal with! Would love to do business with again.

      Thank you very much!
    14. I did a split with PrincessMagick. She was wonderful to deal with...super friendly, great communication! Highly recommend!! :)
    15. PrincessMagick ordered a wig from me. very fast payment and great communication. thank you very much^^
    16. Inara ask one wig for me with her Lati purchase. As soon as they arrived, she sent me.
      thank you so much, Inara!!!
    17. I bought a Latidoll dress from PrincessMagick and the transaction went very smoothly. She was friendly and helpful and the commutation was fast. I like the item very much and would happy buy from/deal with PrincessMagick again. Thanks again.
    18. I just finished a transaction with PrincessMagick. She was super fast in response to messages and very friendly. Payment also very prompt.

      It was a pleasure to do business with her, and I would be more than happy to again.
    19. PrincessMagick bought 3 MSD laptops from me. Payment was prompt and communication was amazing. She's wonderful to deal with.

      Thank you! :)
    20. I bought a very cute Strawberry&Cherry Latidress from PrincessMagick! The dress looks as shiny as new and I am really really happy about it. It fits perfectly! The communication was awesome and always friendly! PrincessMagick is a really sweet person and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again! :aheartbea