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Feedback for Prism

Feb 21, 2012

    1. For anyone who buys, sells, or trades with me.

      Please leave feedback.

    2. I sold a DikaDoll Saki head in tan resin to Prism! The transaction went very smoothly, and we came across an agreement in trade items! :) I would do business with her again~
    3. Sold a Souldoll Vito boy Sharics to Prism. Transaction went well and payment was prompt. Good dollie business. Would sell to again! :)
    4. Sold a Resinsoul Rong head and some wigs to Prism. The transaction was great and comunication was excellent. Would happily sell to her again! n_n
    5. Prism participated in my recent Luts GO and was great to work with! She was very kind and quick in responding to invoices and PM's, was patient with me while I got everything together, and let me know when her items arrived. For her first GO, she was a great participant, and I would recommend her to others for buying and selling :).
    6. Prism Participated in my Dollmore Go. She paid her invoices on time and was a pleasure to deal with.
    7. Prism bought a few wigs from my sale thread. Payment was prompt and she was extremely communicative. She was also very nice about a little issue I had and was very patient. The transaction was very smooth and I would definitely recommend her to others.
    8. Prism purchased a 5star doll from me and the transaction went very smoothly. There was great communication and she paid very promptly. Wish all buyers were as wonderful to work with..Thank You!
    9. I participated in Prism's Group order for Alice's Collections. She kept me updated on ordering and shipping so I would know how long, and was willing to hold my items before shipping to ensure I would be home when they arrived! Would definitely do business with her again.