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Feedback for Proficy

Mar 8, 2010

    1. If you have feedback for me please post it here!

    2. Proficy recently bought a Soom Supergem female body,
      as well as a set of Amber - Pure Spirit hooves from me.
      Payments were on time, replies to PMs were quick.
      Both were fantastic transactions, no complaints on this end.
      I would definitely do business with her again.

    3. Proficy participated in my dollmore GO. Prompt communication and payments; thanks so much!
    4. Proficy purchased a kimono from me. Everything went smooth and payment went well. Everything was great. I'd do business again with Proficy no problem.
    5. Proficy commissioned from me two complete kimono, juban and obi; since they are many handsewn pieces it toke a while to be made but she was very patient the whole time : ) (And I sent her some in-progress photos).

      Communication was always fluent, payment and, well, it's been all pleasure to work with!
      Thank you very much for all, hope you enjoy them : )