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Feedback for propertyoftheuchiha

Oct 7, 2008

    1. Just an absolutely lovely person to work with! Propertyoftheuchiha commissioned me for a face-up, and she was just wonderful. She was very specific in what she wanted, and that helped me paint at my best! Communication was fantastic, and she was just so friendly and understanding, and an absolute pleasure to work with! Thanks so much!! <3
    2. Quilibet: Thanks for the feedback thread hun. ^_^

      I am still working on building this thread up as I seldom conduct online transactions. However, as all things that flourish over time, this will grow with more transactions I encounter.

      Thank you everyone for being patient with me.

    3. she is really a good buyer!!!!!
      fast payment and nice to deal with~thank you!
    4. She bought a doll from me, was a perfect transaction. She was fast and good with communication. Payment was sent and went great. She was a patient buyer for when I could ship it too. Highly recomended and a pleasure to deal with! :D
    5. Sold 3 pairs of miniature spectacles/glasses to propertyoftheuchiha. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    6. She did a face-up and tattoo on my 2 dolls... She did an AWESOME JOB esp on the tattoo. :D I'm very very satisfied with the result! Very patient and good communication too :D I really recommend her!
    7. she brought my Minimee Hyde back to life when I screwed up his face-up! Great work! Good communication! Two thumbs up... highly recommended!
    8. She managed to paint Kaden perfectly, just great, great work. ;w; The way she paints eyelashes = love <3

      Cannot recommend anyone more than her. d (^_^) b
    9. She did my Tanned Yuu's face up, and I love it! <3 She delivered exactly what I had in mind through reference pictures and (slightly vague) descriptions I gave! XD
    10. I sent her my girl with the vaguest of description and she came back with a stunning face-up. I really like how she planned the face-up around the wig and the eyes - very, very effective. Communications were quick and friendly, and my girl came back to me very well protected. A lot more protected than I had sent her actually (^^);;;; Two thumbs up!
    11. Propertyoftheuchiha did my boy face up. He is super cute! XD I love him~!
      Thank you very much Angie. ^^
    12. propertyoftheuchiha did faceups for both my dolls at the same time! She was splendid to deal with and is very reassuring ! She always made sure you are happy with the work at different checkpoints of the faceup process. I'm very pleased! I never had a faceup artist check with me at various stages of the process~! Her work is also so fabulous!! So much pretty! She also responded to PMs fast and shipped out my dolls fast and very very securely ! She's definitely someone I would send my dolls to for faceup again and would definitely recommend!! A+++++ transaction !
    13. Commissioned her *again* to do my Nahaliel's face up (soom Mecha angel Vega). <3 It turned out exactly as how I requested it. Love my boy, thaaaaanks so much Anj! <3
    14. I commissioned 3 faceups by propertyoftheuchiha, and I could not recommend her enough!!! She was communicative, super responsive to my requests and even redid one of the faceups for me! She was wonderful to work with and the faceup quality was amazing!!! The turnaround time is unparalleled! An A+++++ transaction!
    15. Commissioned a faceup from propertyoftheuchiha for my Resinsoul Rong and it was an amazing experience! She was always extremely pleasant when communicating even when I felt I was being somewhat difficult with my request and her normal style~ She is always very prompt with updates and replies as well. My doll came back packaged very well and her faceup is exactly what I wanted! Can't recommend her enough!

      Thank you so much for Lydia's beautiful face up :aheartbea
    16. Commissioned four faceups for my Unoas and I am so, SO happy with the results. Super professional, amazingly fast and so lovely to work with! I can't emphasize enough how fast she is, and how attentive to communication and requests as well. Thank you so much!
    17. I make up to my Sasuke perfectly and very rapid, 100 % Recommended
      Thank you very much Angie ^_^
    18. Commissioned propertyoftheuchiha for a face up and it went as smoothly as a person could wish for! Quick response, great work, flexible and understanding- I will most certainly return to have more of my dolls done by her!
    19. Cimissioned propertyoftheuchiha for a faceup. Fast reply's and lovley work :)
    20. She did my girl's face up and I really love her work! She always fast reply every email and sent me progress pic on each stage. My girl turn out more prettier than I imagine. Her face up really smooth, neat and clean. definitely would send her my other children for face up! Really recommend her!