Feedback for Pselia

Apr 13, 2020

    1. If you ever made a transaction with me, please leave the feedback here! :aheartbea
    2. I bought a Feeple60 body from Pselia after she they reached out to me about my WTB. I asked for a 6 week layaway and she accomodated me very nicely. Answered all my questions and chesked with the post on shipping option, then when the time came, sent it out promptly. I highly recomend her as a seller.
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    3. I bought a Carol set ( open eye head, extra hands, full outfit and magic items, eyes) in normal skin from Pselia.
      Pselia is a very polite and very nice person to communicate. We had a crazy nerve rocking situation with the postal company buy it was resolved in a good way. She handled the situation very professionally and with grate patience despite the stressful situation. Thank you very much. You are fantastic!!!
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    4. I had the most wonderful experience dealing with Pselia for Soom Rudy (Bronze). Despite the time zone differences, her replies to me was extremely quick and we managed to very quickly find the best shipping mode for safe and fast delivery. She was very decisive throughout our conversation, and we manage to deal in a short period of time.
      Thank you for the wonderful experience. I am sure Rudy will be spending a wonderful Christmas with you! <3
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    5. Pselia bought a Souldoll Junia animal head from me. We were shipping internationally but the transaction was everything you could hope for; fast payment, verified address, confirmed when package arrived to customs and home. A+