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Feedback for Psycholily

Oct 23, 2007

    1. I don't do much buying and selling through DoA, but since i'm about to start, here's my feedback thread XD
    2. helped Order a volks pattern book, great communication. very friendly!
    3. I sent an "emergency rush" pair of Dollmore "blank" eyes to Psycholilly. She paid quickly and was very friendly. Thanks a lot!
    4. I just completed a trade with Psycholily and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. She shipped her item out VERY quickly. The wig was extremely well packaged and arrived in beautiful condition. She even included an adorable little stuffed bear as a gift! Communications were prompt and friendly. She followed up on every step of the trade. I recommend this trader highly. It was a joy from start to finish.

      Thank you!
    5. Psycholily bought a pair of yes from me. She's friendly, pays fast and lets me know when they arrived. Perfect transaction, thank you very much! :D
    6. Bought a pair of eyes from me, and was a dream buyer - super nice and fast paying. Thanks!
    7. psycholily bought a pair of eyes from me; it was a quick, smooth transaction. Thank you again!
    8. Psycholilly bought some eyes and a wig from me. She was very easy to work with, and patient while I had some troubles accessing DOA and replying to PMs. I would definitely do another transaction with her!
    9. Psycholily bought some LTF Pipi faceplates from me. She was very patient with me and also quick to pay and made sure to ask a lot of questions up front. Thanks for letting me know they arrived too:)
    10. I bought a Fantasy Doll body from Psycholily, all correspondance was great and body was well packaged, I even received some free gifts!!! Thanks!!
    11. Sold a wig to psycholilyand everything went smoothly. Great communication, fast payment, and overall a sweet person to deal with. Thank you very much again! :)
    12. I sold a pair of eyes to psycholily, and it was a perfect transaction! She paid promptly, kept in communication and was all-around friendly to deal with. ^^ Thanks very much! :3
    13. psychlily just bought a dress from me. She was very freindly and payed right away. Thank you.
    14. Psycholily bought some eyes from me. The transaction was perfect, and she was a nice person to deal with! Thanks much! <3
    15. I sold a sweater and two animal hat to Psycholily.She is very friendly.and make a very quickly payment.a nice communication~Thank you very much.^3^
    16. I sold some hands to these sweet, friendly person. Thnaks so much, dear heart; it was fun doing business with you! :) :sumomo:
    17. Psycholily bought YoSD shoes from me - she was a great buyer - would absolutely recommend her and would love to do business with her again! :)
    18. I bought a Littlefee FROM psycholily and she is incredible! Perfect seller!!

      Thanks a lot hun!!
    19. I bought two Littlefee faceplates from Psycholily. They came so fast, even with international shipping! Thank you so much!
    20. psycholily bought a pair of glass eyes from me. the whole transaction went fantastically - I would definitely do business with her again, any time :)