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Feedback for puffin463

Jun 19, 2007

    1. Hi Folks,
      If you have any feedback to leave for me, please leave it here.
    2. Let's see if this worked.
    3. I have dealt with Wendy several times--she has participated in a group order, among other transactions (that I'm too senile to remember the specifics of, sorry, hehehe) and has always been great to deal with-good communication quick pay--two thumbs up!
    4. Wendy is a doll.. I have done business and bought from her before. Always a pleasurable experience..

      I highly recommend this lovely person in any trades. sales or purchases you might have with her..

      Shes just super
    5. Thanks, you dear, kind folks. You are also wonderful to not only do business with, but to have as dolly friends.
    6. Wendy contacted me directly when she heard I was looking for a Narae, and we conducted a swift and (I think) mutually pleasing transaction. I, at least, was thrilled. Doll was shipped very quickly and she quickly began acquiring friends LOL! It's all Wendy's fault!!! Thanks, Wendy!
    7. Thanks, Maggie. I know you are smitten with that little girl. She is in a very happy home. Of course it was a pleasing transaction...Thanks for the feedback.
    8. Wendy is the best to deal with, the very best!!! and a great friend....:)
    9. Thank you, Dear Val! Great friends we are.
    10. Puffin463 bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly was let me know when package arrived.
      Wonderful to do business with!
    11. Thanks, Gina. My dollies look very lovely in their new eyes...
    12. Another great transaction puffin463 as a buyer. Wonderful to do business with!
    13. I did a wonderful doll trade with puffin463!!! She did everything as she said she would and always responded to my emails quickly! I hope to deal with puffin463 again soon! Thanks!!!
    14. Yes, our trade was soooo perfect. Thank you, Kelly.
    15. I sold my U-da her to this lovely girl. Very pleasant experience, great buyer, fast payment and nice communication! Thank you very much!
    16. Thank you,Elena. You, also, were wonderful...
    17. wendy bought a doll head from me, she was very kind and paid really quickly. We went trought HELL with the shipping (doll was stuck in customs, came back, was stuck again...) but she was always nice and kind.

      Thank you very much :D
    18. Thank you, Lorka. yes, we did go thro hell on this one... with customs!!! NOT our fault.
    19. Puffin463 has become a frequent and favorite customer. Our latest transaction, like all of the others, went flawlessly. Payment was lightning fast, communications were prompt and friendly. Puffin463 is just a joy to work with!
    20. Wendy has been wonderful to deal with! She contacted me after I posted a WTB thread and helped me acquire several items I had been hoping to buy for a very long time. Thanks so much!