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Feedback for PuffsxPlus

Jan 10, 2012

    1. Hi, this is my feedback thread!

      I haven't bought or sold anything yet, but I plan on it, soon. All you have for now about my reliability is my word for it. Sorry <_<
    2. PuffsxPlus bought a pair of Doll Leaves eyes from me. She paid quickly and was very sweet to do business with. I recommend this buyer.
    3. PuffsxPlus bought a wig from me. They are a really friendly and sweet buyer. Communication was great and payment was prompt! Nothing but positive things to say about our transaction! Highly recommend! Thank you so much :)
    4. PuffsxPlus bought my Delf girl. She is a fun and super nice person to have transactions with. Prompt friendly communications and fast payment. Also let me know right away when the girl arrived and fast with nice feedback. Thanks so much Puffs and hope you enjoy your new girl~
    5. puffsxplus bought an sd hoodie from me. Communication was awesome, her payment was prompt, and it was an all around great transaction. she also let me know as soon as the item safely arrived!

      thank you for such a pleasant experience!
    6. PuffsxPlus bought an SD skirt from me
      and everything went really well!
      communication was great and payment was quick!
      hope to work with her again!
    7. PuffsxPlus purchased an SD wig from me.
      She's been a pleasure to deal with - been professional and communicative.

      Thank you for a lovely deal! :)
    8. PuffsxPlus purchased my handmade dress for J.I.D. She paid quickly, and was lovely to talk to all the time! I highly recommend this buyer. :aheartbea
    9. PuffsxPlus participated in my second G.O ever and was awesome to work with! Communication was smooth and payment always came promptly. I would happily work with her again. <3
    10. PuffsxPlus bought a littlefee Rachel from me. Quick payment, great communication, a perfect transaction! Highly recommend! ^_^
    11. PuffsxPlus bought a Pukifee/Yo-SD size dress. She paid quickly and was very sweet to do business with. I recommend this buyer.
    12. PuffsxPlus bough my Delf Moon, the doll I loved a lot. And I am 100% sure that she will love him as much as I did! The transaction was perfect, the payment was quick, everything went through with absolutely no problem. I reccomend transactions with her to everybody!
    13. PuffsxPlus bought some msd items from me. The whole transaction went smoothly and she let me know when the items arrived. Thank you so much! :)
    14. PuffsxPlus bought a dress and a pair of boots from me! Her communication was very prompt, she paid the moment she was assured the items she wanted were available, and she even paid my paypal fees simply out of the goodness of her heart. You could not find a more kind or easy to please person to do business with!!!
    15. PuffsxPlus adopted my Luts Kid Delf pine from me, and everything went smooth!
      She was super nice and paid quickly!
      It was a pleasure doing business!
      Would do it again :)
    16. :DGreat buyer! Super sweet! Happy to do business with!:D
    17. I sold PuffsxPlus two shirts for Pukifee/LY and the transaction was perfect! Great communication and fast payment! Thanks again :)
    18. Puffsxplus bought some items for her Saintbloom doll from me. Payment was made quickly and communication was perfect! Thanks for a pleasant transaction :)
    19. I recently sold one MSD hoodie toPuffsxPlus. Communication was great and payment was made asap. PuffsxPlus was also kind enough to let me know when she received the hoodie. A very kind and understanding buyer! I am pleased with our transaction, and would happily do business with her again.
    20. Puffxplus commissioned two jump suits, a hat and a shirt from me. She was so sweet and let me have full creative control, she was always patient throughout the process and didnt mind when I had delays. I would definitely sew for puffxplus again!