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Feedback for PuppyDogNinja

Mar 5, 2010

    1. Please post your feedback here if you've made any transactions with me.

      Thank you very much ~
    2. PuppyDogNinja bought some eyes from me. Answered PMs quickly, was very polite and paid quickly. I got a prompt note once the eyes arrived. Very pleasant transaction. I highly recommend to other sellers.

      Thank you,
    3. PuppyDogNinja recently purchased a wig from me and it was a great transaction! Thanks so much!
    4. PuppyDogNinja purchased some eyes from me, paid promptly, and let me know when they arrived. Great transaction.
    5. POSITIVE: Puppy bought a Leeke Lyonne, from me. She was easy to work with, had fast communications and payments. I highly recommend Puppy and would do business with her again!

    6. I recently sold a wig to PuppyDogNinja. Payment was swift, and communication was prompt.

      Thanks, and enjoy! ♥

    7. I sold a shirt an a pair of shoes to PuppyDogNinja. She was very friendly, answered PMs promptly and thoroughly, paid immediately, and let me know when her package arrived. An Excellent buyer, I'd be happy to engage in business again ^_^
    8. I sold a few items to PuppyDogNinja. ^__^ Communication was great and payment was prompt. Highly recommended!
    9. I sold some items to PuppyDogNinja. I received payment quickly and I always got responses fast. Would love to do business again!
    10. I sold some doll clothes to PuppyDogNinja. She paid quickly and was a pleasure to do business with. Thanks!
    11. I sold a SD sweater to her. She paid promptly and kept wonderful communication! Recommended!! :D
    12. PuppyDogNinja bought a coat off me, and was lovely to deal with. She paid promptly, responded quickly to PMs, and was very patient when I experienced delays in shipping it out. Thanks so much!

      PuppyDogNinja purchased some 16mm eyes from me, and the transaction went very smoothly! I recommend! Thanks! :)
    14. PuppyDogNinja bought a wig from me. She informed me of the safe arrival of her wig as soon as she got it! Thanks so much for the lovely transaction!
    15. PuppyDogNinja bought some Dollheart items from me and everything went perfect :aheartbea I loved working with her, she was very polite and responded very fast to messages. Truly a great buyer who I would love to sell to again anytime~ Thank you!
    16. PuppyDogNinja bought a doll body from me via layaway and I couldn't have asked for a better transaction. All payments were prompt and communication was delightful. I hope you enjoy the body, and thanks so much for being such a terrific buyer! :)
    17. PuppyDogNinja purchased some clothing from me and it was a great transaction. Communication was clear and swift, payment was quick, and PDN let me know as soon as the items arrived. I would definitely transact with this user again!
    18. PuppyDogNinja commissioned outfit from me and she was very nice client to deal with. She asked me for short layaway and paid almost in time. She was very nice, polite and PMed me as soon as her parcel arrived! I would love to work with this person again. ^^
    19. I sold PuppyDogNinja an 8-9 wig and the transaction was great. Quick payment and good communication. Would definitely do business with PuppyDogNinja again.
    20. PuppyDogNinja purchased a wig from me and she was an excellent buyer!!!! I had a hiccup on my side, which was completely my mistake/error and she was very gracious and understanding. She kept in contact and let me know when her item safely arrived! I would gladly work with her again! :D