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Feedback for pusia

Nov 19, 2008

    1. If you have any comment about transaction with me, please leave it here. ^^
    2. Pusia has bought few things from my shop, and transaction was just perfect. Great communication and fast payment. Thank you :)
    3. Pusia bought a doll head from me on layaway, and the transaction was excellent. She kept up great communication and responded quickly to PMs. She paid well ahead of schedule, and let me know as soon as the head arrived. Thanks again! =)
    4. Pusia was in a heliot split I arranged and payment was fast, as was communication! I hope you enjoy the lovely items~~!
    5. Pusia bought a Heliot head from me. Payment was received as arranged. She was very friendly, and very quick with replies. She kept me updated through-out. I hope you enjoy your heliot! Thanks! :)
    6. Pusia participated in my Chrom split. Fast payment and was a pleasure to deal with ^^
    7. I purchased a head from pusia and she was absolutely wonderful throughout the entire transaction. She was a complete pleasure to talk to and she made every effort to figure out the best shipping options. She even put a sweet note and candy in the box ^_^ She was very communicative and shipped exceedingly fast :aheartbea This transaction was very smooth and absolutely lovely! Thank you!
    8. A+ for dollmore group order ^___^ Everything went smoothly!
    9. I bought a Chrom head to Pusia. Perfect transaction! Thank you for the gifts :)
    10. I participated in a Soom Ai split led by Pusia. Smooth contact, fast shipping, excellent transaction. A big + from me ^^ Thank you :*
    11. Pusia organised a Soom Ai split which I participated in and she was absolutely great to deal with. She kept in touch the whole way through and made everything so easy and friendly. Fast shipping too and included sweeties! Highly recommend. Thank you very much. ^_^
    12. Everything was really smooth, without any problem at all. Sent me the Ai's legs and arrived safely to me ^^.

    13. Joined a split for Ai pieces with Pusia~!

      She was very sweet and kept me informed every step of the way and went farther to help me get some magnets so that I can use with my pieces. It was a very nice split~!! Thank youuu~!!!!
    14. Pusia was part of my Chalco split.
      She was very cooperative and sent the payment quickly. Also, replies were prompt and succinct!
      Lastly, she also let me know when the package arrived to her.

      Thanks for everything! :aheartbea
    15. I bought a Crobidoll beanie from pusia. Pms were answered quickly and friendly, and the beanie was sent the next morning after I paid. It arrived superquick and was packed very carefully. Thank you so much, pusia, I would love to buy from you again :)
    16. I joined a Breccia split Pusia organised. The whole split went smooth and she was very pleasant to deal with.

      Don't hesitate if you'd like to join a split with her, she's great. ^^

      Thanks again~
    17. I was in a Breccia split Pusia organised, and everything went well, she was really nice all the way through. Thanks!
    18. I did 2 faceup commisions for Pusia. It was nice cooperation:D Thanks:)
    19. I bought a custom painted Heliot horn from Pusia, she was wonderful to buy from and the horn arrived safely packed. Thanks!
    20. I bought a Soom Breccia head from pusia. The head had slight modifications that were beautifully done. Also, the head was packaged very carefully and was shipped very quickly. It was a lovely, trouble-free transaction and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again.

      Thanks, pusia! I love Breccia.