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Feedback for Pygmalion Complex

Mar 9, 2009

    1. If you have done any business with me, please leave feedback here!! :D:aheartbea
    2. I recently sold a doll to Pygmalion Complex. The transaction was very pleasant, she stayed in communication, paid promptly and contacted me when the doll arrived safely. I would recommend her in any future transaction!
    3. I had the pleasure of painting Pygmalions gorgeous Mini Riz, she was excellent in communitcation how she wanted her to look and was great to work with - Thank you for the amazing oportunity and for trusting your little darling to me :)
    4. I bought a doll from pygmalion. She shipped In a timely Manner & the Doll was Well Packaged.
      Thank you!
    5. Leaving Neutral - towards almost negative feedback.

      I've come to understand that Pygmalion Complex doesn't have internet at home. Which is fine. I've worked with people like that before and have had no past issues.
      Pygmalion Complex contacted me on March 31st asking about a face-up clean, hot glue suade and a tiny bit of sanding. I said okay and quoted her the amount I later charged. April 4th came around and I was told she'd send her doll asap. I didn't hear from her until the doll arrived on my doorstep postmarked April 9th. Next thing I heard from her was on the 13th. I'd finished my requested job and asked her if she'd like me to restring to (as the doll was very loose). On the 13th I got that okayed and did so. Finished up and sent her the bill. I mistyped on accident and charged $5 more then I meant to. She paid me $10 less then I charged (so just the service fee, not return shipping). When I told her this, she sent me $4 when the shipping was $5. Not once during this time communicating other then sending me her address on April 14th. I mailed her doll back to her on Monday the 19th of April without any further communication other then a very short simple "I'm sorry my communication is bad." on the 17th. I've yet to hear from her and I don't think I'll work for her again. It's just $1, I don't really understand why she couldn't pay it. The nice thing is she did cover paypal fees so at least it wasn't a huge loss. If she could have followed instructions better this would have been a neutral leaning towards positive feedback.

      All in all, Neutral feedback that will make me not work for her again. I got paid, she should have her doll back by now seeing as she only lives a state away and it was sent Priority. I'd like this transaction to be over now.
      I hope this feedback will help you in the future.
    6. I painted a face up for Pygmalion and she was very quick to pay, and she was very easy to work with. She let me pretty much have free reign to do what I wanted on her girl, which is my favorite kind of face up job! She was very happy with the results, and I'm very happy with the whole transaction!! :) I will gladly do business with Pygmalion again.