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Feedback for Quamara

May 6, 2008

    1. If I bought from you please leave me feedback. ^_^
    2. Quamara bought a pair of sd sandals from me- fast payment, good communication, great transaction, highly recommend! :)
    3. Quamara bought hairbands from me ^^
      our transaction was just so smooth! Quamara had such prompt payment and kept everything intouch!
      I highly recommend Quamara *v* and looking forward to do a business with her again!
      thank you very much!!

    4. Quamara bought a Domuya Saisha from me, payment was great and prompt, she was nice and patient and she let me know if her dolly made it to her safely! :3 Thanks very much for Giving her a good nice home! :D
    5. Quamara participated in my LUTS GO a few months back. Excellent communication and Fast payment! Thank you so much for joining~ and help make the GO a successful one! ^_^
    6. Quamara is currently participating in my DIM Minimee Gwen Stefani GO and I must say she is absolutely super to deal with. Her payment was prompt and received before the deadline. I cannot recommend her any more highly...SHE'S A GREAT PERSON TO DEAL WITH!

      Quamara is a :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar GO participant!
    7. Very fast payment, lovely to work with. :)
    8. Quamara participated in my eighth Fairyland group order we had a very pleasant transaction! Payments were sent in swiftly and communication was kept up well on her end of things. I would do business with her again without any hesitation~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your participation in this order!! :pcake:bcake
    9. I sold Quamara a wig and a pair of eyes and we had a great transaction! She paid promptly and had wonderful communication! I highly recommend her and would definitely do business with her again...thank you! :D
    10. Quamara was my partner in the Pirates and Ninjas swap. She made the most delightful pirate costume for my tiny! She went above and beyond. You couldn't ask for a better swap partner.
    11. quamara bought some pukifee hands from me, and the transaction went great. she paid quickly, and let me know as soon as they arrived! wonderful buyer :)
    12. Bought a valentine outfit for yosd sized dolls. Someone had claimed both versions of the dress by the time I contacted her for one of them and she kindly made another one just for me. Shipping was fast and smooth! Great seller!

    13. Sold a Leekeworld wig to Quamara~ Great buyer! Transaction went smoothly, paid quickly, and let me know as soon as it arrived! ~ <3
    14. Quamara bought a pair of Soom legs from me. Quamara was a great buyer. Fast, reliable and firendly.
    15. Quamara participated in my Soom Dolomi ~ Sweet Snow split and received the body! She was always quick to pay and was very communicative. It was a joy to have you in my split! :aheartbea

      Thank you so much!!
    16. I bought a very cute YoSD sized dress from Quamara. She's wonderful to work with, and the transaction went by very fast! I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again~ Thanks!! ^^
    17. I bought some eyes from Quamara. She was absolutely wonderful. Her communication was swift and friendly. The eyes were well packaged and in perfect condition. I would definitely love to work with her again :D Thank you so much~
    18. Quamara was part of my Soom Lami split and she was a wonderful member, you'd be lucky to do a transaction with her :)
    19. Quamara was a part of my Soom Shale split. She was lovely to work with, paid everything promptly and was very understand when having to wait for soom to fix a mix up with her little wings. Would be happy to work with her again!
    20. Quamara participated in the 2011 Halloween Swap I hosted.
      Overall, they were unhappy with the swap. Mostly with what they received, yet what they sent seemed to be on par with what they got.

      They also failed to mail out their gift within the time frame, which meant the gift did not arrive on or by Halloween, as each gift was supposed to.
      If they choose to join a swap again, my hope is that they'll be more punctual and adhere to the guidelines of the swap.