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Feedback for QuearvoS

Jul 18, 2009

    1. Post any feed back for me, QuervoS (aka Paige, paige_writer, myprvtisland) here! Thank you!
    2. QuervoS was looking for more historial clothing for her doll and I happened to have a coat I thought fit the bill. She agreed. Payment was sent quickly and she is a great buyer! Thank you so much!
    3. sold a head to QuervoS and the whole thing went very smoothly. payment was very quick and was a very pleasant person to deal with :)
    4. Sold two pairs of eyes to QuearvoS and it was a wonderful transaction! Thank you~! :3
    5. Sold 2 heads to QuearvoS, great transaction! Would definitely do business with again!:aheartbea
    6. QuearvoS bought a AOD Zi Yuan doll from me. She paid instantly and communications were great! She told me when the doll arrived and in what condition. A highly recommended buyer, Thank you so much! :D
    7. I sold a Bobobie SD boy body to QuearvoS and everything went smoothly. Quick and polite replies, fast payment et c. My very best recommendations!!
    8. I sold an AoD boy body to QuearvoS. She paid very quickly and let me know when he arrived. The transaction went perfectly. :)

      Thanks again!
    9. Quearvos purchased an item of clothing and a wig from me. I managed to mess up the order and she was so gracious about it. Fast payment, super communication. A++++
    10. She purchased an Fdoll Boy body from me, she paid very quickly and was wonderful through the entire transaction. I can't wait to see pictures now that he's found a new home.
    11. QuearvoS bought a B&G body from me. The transaction went smootly and she was very pleasent to deal with. Paid quickly as well. Thank you.
    12. I just sold a ResinSoul Lian 68cm NS head to QuearvoS. She paid LIGHTNING fast, was professional AND friendly, let me know as soon as she received the head and was just a wonderful person to deal with! She's a true asset to DoA and I highly recommend her to anyone!

      God bless! Thanks again!!

    13. I sold QuearvoS a pair of hands, she paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with.
    14. Traded a DG Beau for a BBB Ophelia! Perfect trade :3
    15. QuearvoS purchased a Luts Chiwoo head from me. Communication was great, with super fast payment. Great user to work with!
    16. QuearvoS bought two fur wigs from me. She paid quickly and was great to work with. I would definitely do business with her again. ^^
    17. I just received back my Kaye Wiggs Sage from getting a full-body faux-woodgrain blushing by apige and the results are not only Phenominally good, but QuearvoS is an absolute deilght to do business with.

      She is friendly, helpful, and communicative. Listens to customer requesta dna sks questions where clarification is needed. She snet me in progress pictures for confirmation at each stage of the work and responded competently and proferssionally to requests for changes.

      I wouldn't hesitate to recoomend her services to others - I'm a very happy and satisfied customer.

      Thanks Paige.

    18. QuearvoS did some gore modifications for me to Yuda's body, a rather tricky job. The mods are fantastic and very dramatic without being OTT. I am hugely impressed with the results and would not hesitate to approach her for further commissions.

      She also handled the business end of the transaction brilliantly, kept me up-to-date with progress photos and asked detailed questions in order to deliver what I wanted. Her approach was wholly professional and she is also very nice, which is much appreciated as I am a rather over-anxious client!

      The communications were really good and when he was done she returned him superfast and well packed. I am a very happy customer and can recommend her without hesitation! :D

      Biiig thank you XD
    19. I just had Paige faceup 2 little heads for me!! She even sent concept drawings and many, many progress photos and made changes as needed.....I am having so much fun with my 'cute' gory girls!!! Thanks so much!!
    20. Paige air-brushed my IoS Mezz head to match his DollLeaves body. The match is perfect, the communication was amazing and constant, she was VERY patient with me, very professional, etc. She even upheld my request to ship the head to the faceup artist directly! I could not recommend her enough~! <3