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Feedback for Queen0fSpades

Feb 4, 2009

    1. My feedback if I buy something from you or if you buy something from me^^ thanks
    2. Sold Queen0fSpades a MNF Miyu head. She paid promptly and was just a delight to deal with. Definitely would love to do business with her again. Thanks again!! :)
    3. I sold a bunch of undies, stockings and leggins to her. Wonderful buyer, super kind, fast payment and great communication. A pleasure to do business with! :D
    4. I sold a pair of camo converese to QuerenofSpades and she paid quickly. Communication was excellent and the entire transaction was very pleasant. I wouldn't mind doing business with her again.
    5. Queen0fSpades bought several clothing items from my sale thread. Payment was prompt and feedback was left for me when the items arrived. Wonderful buyer. Thanks so much and please buy from me again in the future!
    6. I sold a tshirt to QueenOfSpades. She was really friendly, very nice, and kept good communication the whole time. Payment was sent out very quickly as well. I'd definitely reccomend her as a buyer to anyone. :) I'm glad you and Dahlia like the shirt~ :)
    7. Lovely buyer, a pleasure!
    8. QueenOfSpades bought a Abio Angel Yi head from me. She was quick to pay and kept perfect communication. Pleasure to deal with! :)
    9. Recently I sold a doll to QueenOfSpades, she was adorable to deal with, sent the payment promptly and was very nice during all the transaction and kind enough to let me know that the doll arrived safely.

      I highly recommand her and I would not hesistate to do business with her again :)

      Thanks for this smooth transaction ^^
    10. We bought a MNF Miyu head from QueenofSpades and the transaction couldn't have been better. She was prompt, courteous, and when she wasn't sure about the shipping, she let me pay for the head and then the shipping after she shipped it and could give me a quote. Totally a doll to work with and I highly recommend her.

      Thank you so much! :aheartbea A+ transaction all the way around.
    11. Queen0fSpades has bought a pair of shoes from me, trasaction was very smooth~
    12. I recently sold a Dollheart scarf to Queen0fSpades and the transaction went perfectly. :)

      Prompt, polite PMs, quick payment, and she let me know when the scarf arrived!

      Perfect. :)
    13. It's my second transaction with her. Absolutely wonderful deal, she is very kind, fast payment and great communication. Recommended buyer!! :D
    14. QueenOfSpades purchased a pair of shoes from me and was just lovely about the whole thing. Wonderful buyer, fast payment and great communication. A pleasure to do business with!
    15. QueenOfSpades purchased skirt and a tee from me. The communication was great, and she's nice to deal with. Thanks for a wonderful transaction, and till next time! =^_^=
    16. QueenOfSpades bought a doll dress from me, a perfect transaction.
    17. Queebn purchased an electric guitar from me, and was very friendly, and [paid very quickly. Thanks for a perfect transaction <3333
    18. Queen0fSpades bought a wig from me. Her PMs were friendly and payment arrived right on schedule. Thanks for a smooth transaction.
    19. Queen0fSpades bought a pair of boots from me. A lovely transaction, and she let me know when they arrived too. Thanks again!:)
    20. Queen0fSpades commissioned a couple shirts from me as well as some premade pants from my sale thread. The transaction went incredibly well and Queen0fSpades was understanding in my slight delay with shipping. Wonderful buyer, thank you so much!