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Feedback for Quirked

Jan 8, 2010

    1. Hi there!

      Please post feedback here if you've had a transaction with me. :)

    2. Quirked has bought from us a couple of times. Transactions are always quick and easy. The perfect customer and we highly recommend her. Thanks so much!
    3. Quirked bought a MNF head from me, paid quickly, was plesant. Would deal with again <3
    4. Quirked bought a Minifee Body from me. Her PM's were always polite and courteous, and payment was sent in a timely manner.

      I wouldn't hesitate to sell to Quirked again :)
    5. Quirked bought doll glass eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived. A pleasure to do business with.
    6. Quirked participated in my Fairyland GO. Communication was very good, payment was fast, and she PM'd me to let me know when the package arrived. :) It was great having her in the order!
    7. Another flawless transaction with Quirked. Thanks again!
    8. Quirked just bought my Alain head and was lovely to deal with. She paid super fast, and was friendly and responsive in PMs. I would happily engage in future transactions with her. :chocoberry
    9. I sold a customized fur wig to Quirked, and our transaction was perfect! She was very clear in communicating what she wanted for the customization, and delightful to talk to. She also sent the payment very quickly and informed me of the arrival.

      It was a pleasure to do business with Quirked! Thank you again! ^_^
    10. Just a quick note to say how lovely Quirked was on an order we both made. There was a mix-up in numbers and she got my order . . She promptly sent it on to me with a nice note and in perfect condition. She didn't have to go to all the trouble, or even send it to me .. but she did and with a happy heart. Another wonderful person to deal with . . Many Thanks, Kasey!! For your effort .. and especially for being such a nice person. :)
    11. Quirked commissioned me for faceups on her Iplehouse Tania and Tatiana. She was an absolute please to deal with, great with communication and quick to pay. And when I had a shipping mishap she was very understanding, which alleviated my own panic. ^^; I wouldn't hesitate to work with Quirked again anytime. Thanks again!
    12. I bought my first doll, an A-line Elf Shiwoo from Quirked. Our transaction was a great experience for me, she helped me a lot through the process. The doll arrived in top-notch condition, everything as promised and everything perfect! The shipping was very fast and without a problem. It was certainly a pleasure to do business with you, Kasey! Thank you so very much!:D
    13. I bought her IH Yur who is just the most beautiful girl ever! It was a great transaction, she was really nice and helpful, shipping was fast and communication great. I'd recommend her to anyone and would definitely deal with her again.
    14. Another commission from Quirked, this time for a faceup on her IH Yur. Quirked is always an absolute pleasure to work with! Very reliable and professional. Thanks again! :)
    15. Quirked came back to the wig shop to order four wigs, and everything went just as wonderfully as it did in our first transaction! Quick and friendly communication, quick payment, let me know when the wigs arrived safely....all of that wonderful stuff!

      Once again a great transaction and a recommended buyer! Thank you!
    16. I bought Quirked's Real Skin Mars from her, and I have to say, this transaction could not have been more perfect! Her communication is excellent, she bubble-wrapped him within an inch of his life, labelled all his parts and included everything I needed to put him back together (he was unstrung to keep shipping costs to England down), not to mention, she's an utterly lovely person! I would definitely do business with her again, and cannot recommend her highly enough!

      Thank you again! :D
    17. I sold a Supia Tan Rosy to Quirked, fast payment and good communication, and most importantly she let me know that she received the bjd.

      She´s very friendly, great person to deal with and responds as soon as she can. Has been a pleasure doing business with her, definitely recommended!

      Kasey, thanks for this great experience you´re a lovely person.
    18. A few more of Quirked's Iplehouse family came to see me for faceups, and as usual everything went splendidly. Quirked is a perfect customer and a very sweet person, I'm happy to consider her a friend now. :)
    19. I painted Quirked's tan Rosy this time around, and everything was awesome as always. The weather gave me (a lot) of trouble with the tan resin, and Iselle took a lot longer to be finished than originally planned since I had to redo her several times - but Quirked was amazingly patient and sweet throughout, which made my job that much easier. ^_^

      Quirked purchased a Fairyland SD Juri 12 head from me. Perfect communication and fast payment on her end! Would definitely recommend as a buyer! Thank you! ;)