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Feedback for quothxthexravyn

Jun 17, 2012

    1. Hello, please go ahead and leave feedback here if you've had a transaction with me.
      Thank you :)

    2. Quothxthexravyn bought an Aidoll Mars Head from me. The transaction was one of the fastest I've had and she was absolutely brilliant to deal with. She replied promptly and told me as soon as he got to her.
      I definitely recommend her!
    3. Purchased a Ringdoll mechanical arm from Quothxthexravyn. Very smooth transaction, great communication. Arrived well packed in good condition. Would definitely buy from again.
    4. bought some eyes from quothxthexravyn, the transaction was smooth and very easy and they were very nice !! for sure would do business with again if needed !! thanks !
    5. Purchased a wig. Shipped out very quickly and had good communication. Very Positive. Thank you!
    6. I purchased a pair of MSD red dollheart shoes from quothxthexravyn. Communication was always prompt and polite. They shipped the shoes very quickly and they arrived super fast and in excellent condition. Would purchase from again.
    7. Bought a pair of shoes and a pair of eyes from quothxthexravyn. They were quick, friendly, and shipped fast! The items arrived fast, in great condition, and well-packed! It was a perfect transaction on the whole and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them again!
    8. I purchased an adorable pair of dollheart boots from quothxthexravyn and it was a wonderful transaction. Communications were fast and friendly, and the boots were carefully packaged and shipped at light speed! They are in awesome condition too. I can highly recommend this seller as a true asset to the DoA marketplace.:)
    9. I purchased a lovely new pair of shoes from quothxtheravyn. The transaction was effortless, especially because she was helpful and communicated with me, and the shoes came in as described. I'd be more than happy to purchase from again. Thank you so much!
    10. Positive

      I bought a Dollheart capelet and shirt from quothxtheravyn. Communication was prompt and friendly, and the package was sent out right away.
      Would definitely buy again!
    11. I bought a Dollheart skirt from @quothxthexravyn. Great interaction, communication and fast shipping. The skirt is in great shape! Thanks so much!
    12. I bought some SD13 pants from Qothxtheravyn. It was a great transaction. Easy, fast, and prompt in communication. Thank you!
    13. I purchased a pair of eyes from Qothxtheravyn! They were very responsive and shipped EXTREMELY fast. They also sent the item with tracking so I could monitor the progress. The eyes were well cushioned and arrived safe and sound to me. It was a wonderful transaction and I'm very grateful :)
    14. I purchased a Pukifee faceplate from Quothxthexravyn and I am over the moon. Their responses and shipping were lightning fast. The faceplate came wrapped not only in three layers of bubble wrap but also a sheet of tissue paper- such exceptional care! I am perfectly pleased and would absolutely do business with them again. Thank you for the amazing transaction! :)
    15. I bought a Dollheart accessory from quothxtheraven. Communication was great and Quothxtheraven went above and beyond in paying additional postage fees. Many thanks!