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Feedback for QZ :)

Jun 9, 2006

    1. Hello,
      if you have had some kind of transaction with me and/or have some of my work- please feel free to leave me feedback- thanks! :)
    2. Qzanny has bought some stuff from me. She is a wonderful buyer and prompt payer. highly recommended :D
    3. I have gotten some lovely things from QZ - she is very artistic and I love her designs - they look great on the dolls too! One of my favorites is a fairy outfit - it will definitely be used for Halloween.
    4. I have bought clothing from QZ, and she has bought dolls from me. She's wonderful to deal with and a terrific friend! ... Cindy
    5. QZ generously gave me some doll dresses and other clothing items she has made, and they are all of superb quality. She is a great talent!
    6. *bump* to gather some feedback- if you have had a transaction with me would greatly appreciate some feedback! :)
      Also happy to return if I haven't just holler!
    7. *bump* to gather some feedback- if you have had a transaction with me would greatly appreciate some feedback!
      Also happy to return if I haven't just holler!
      Thank you! :)

    8. Sunday bump- :)
    9. QZ is awesome! I recently had a transaction with QZ and she made my dolls some wonderful outfits. I left it up to her to decide on the style and I wasnt dissapointed. She is very creative and the material was wonderful. I have some really happy dollies thanks to QZ. Highly recommend her to anyone and would definately ask her again to design something for a special doll. Thanks again QZ. I hope we can still keep Pm's going.

    10. QZanny is aweseome! She purchased a doll from me: 1/2 cash, paid promptly and 1/2 trade for doll clothes. Can I just say that the clothes were amazing! I told her want I needed and was looking for. SHe put together the most amazing wardrobe of items for my girls. The quality was fantastic. THe items were neat and some very original styles. I would certainly give her a 10 out of 10! She was fast, everything was sent in a timely fashion... super!!
    11. I was at a doll meet yesterday, April 20th, and bought several outfits from QZanny, two for MSD size and one for SD size.

      She was -very- friendly, her prices were awesome, and everything I got from her is really great quality; I didn't try them on my girl until after, but when I did it was obvious she really knows the sizes of the dolls she sews for, and is a great seamstress!

      Also, she brought free "party favors" for the dolls who came to the meet, which I thought was really great of her, and as I've heard, is par for the course from her! In short, she's awesome to deal with and a real sweetheart.

      I'm so happy, because now my first girl doll has a couple really cute things she can wear besides the dress she came with, and they are a bit more fitting for the style she seems to be developing.

      I definitely want to shop for more stuff from QZanny again and/or commission her in the future!
    12. I did a trade with QZ for some commissioned outfits. I'm very happy with the transaction. :) I love the outfits! Very cute!
      QZ worked super duper fast on the outfits. I forgot how many but QZ made more than a dozen pieces of clothes in a short amount of time (I think it was a week).
      Overall, it was fantastic experience. Lovely communication, fast shipping and A+ service.
    13. Yaaaay, just got my QZ outfits today, and they're awesome! Take a peek!!





      Note, Banji's butt was pretty big for the outfit, especially when putting the top on, LOL. They're made for Elfdolls, but I still think it looks awesome on my Banji, and the hat, it's so cute, but Jackie (my Banji) has way too much hair! The details on the hat are not being shown as well as it could, I think it's such an adoreable hat! But it looks so good on Jackie, She'll probably be wearing it for a while :)

      Thanks QZ for makeing such nice outfits available at such great prices!
    14. No no thank youuuu IB for such great pics! Why am I not surprised that you picked some of my fave outfits ? :D I admit I was pretty fond of that hat myself- I love hats !
    15. sorry I got it on a bit askewed. Her hair was too puffy! and I was struggling, LOL, but it's soooooo cute!
    16. Bought 2 dresses from QZanny, which arrived quickly, and are gorgeous!

      Thank you so much! :D
    17. Hi hi!

      I participated in a trade with QZ for dresses in exchange for two sets of Pukipuki hands. Their little one lost one...poor baby! Anyway. It was a perfect transaction. We both received our items on the same day and we were both very happy with the deal! You can't ask for more than that! The clothing QZ made for me were amazing quality and my crew is thrilled to have some new threads! Thanks so so much! I highly recommend QZ as a buyer, seller and a trader!

      DMM :kitty2
    18. QZanny purchased my DollnDoll Kayla head. Everything was perfect, she paid promptly and let me know as soon as she received. Thank you QZ for a great transaction!
    19. QZanny purchased a Doll Leaves Ding Ding from me. Communication was great, payment was made right away and she let me know as soon as the doll arrived.
      I would definitely recommend dealing with her. :)
    20. QZ was fantastic. We did a trade - my pukifee faceplate for Lati yellow and SD clothes. I sent pictures of the style of clothes I wanted and she did a fantastic job. The first set didn't fit so she asked for more measurements and sent more that fit my SD boys. Working with her was a dream and I would absolutely do it again.