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Feedback for Rabiruchi <3

Aug 29, 2009

    1. Feedback if I´ve bouth to you or sold to you, please ^_^/
      (or anything else too)

    2. ... I was really sleepy when I wrote this thing above... I just realized the mistakes later...but somehow I can't edit that post TT sorry everyone!
    3. Rabiruchi bought a Puki Piki from me. Great communication, really a great buyer!
      Thanks for perfect transaction! :)
    4. Rabiruchi responded to my WTT, trading my Soom romantic Ai head for her Bygg human head an legs. Communication was polite an smooth. She respected my request on her half of the trade, and the parts arrived quickly an packaged perfectly. She was wonderful to trade with, I highly recomended her ^.^ Thanks so much!
    5. I bought a DIM alpon head and Rabiruchi even helped me to find a body to fit!! a lovely person to deal with and sent me such sweet gifts! I would highly recommend dealing with Rabiruchi. thank you!!!
    6. Rabiruchi participated in my Soom SG Split. Everything went smoothly - the payments were prompt, communication was great and she kindly let me know when the head arrived to her. Thank you!&#9829;
    7. Aaaah...what a lovely transaction with Rabiruchi :)....
      I'm so lucky to participate in her loong-soul split...Highly recommended seller and split-organizer...(^.<)d

      I had a great experience not once but twice with Rabiruchi <3
      She's very talkative, so, the communication was great! Also, she's really organized and I totally recommend her for splits and group orders.

      I asked her if I could join her Luts order and she said yes!
      It made me very happy 'cause I was able to get my beloved Model Delf Cyan <3

      I started a GO for Taobao and she was part of it.
      I had no problem with her, 'cause she's very fast with products lists and payment and everything.

      Hope to deal with her again! :D
    9. Positive!
      Rabiruchi bough a Soom Female Little gem Body from me and everything went fine! Payment was prompt and the Answers were always quick! I recomend Rabiruchi as a buyer!