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Feedback for RacerGT

Dec 3, 2010

    1. I couldn't find a feedback thread so I made one. If there is one, tell me ^^

      Really pleasant! I had paid shipping for a wig that she donated to Goodbye Naked thread. The wig is GORGEOUS and I can't wait until my doll comes home and wears it. Thank you so much again.
    2. Sold two pieces of furniture to RacerGT and she was quick with replies and payment. Would definitely do business with her again!
    3. I sold a doll to RacerGT on layaway. She was prompt with emails and paid early. Would sell to her again anytime!
    4. I sold a doll to RacerGT on layaway and she was very quick with payment and with emails. I definitely recommend selling to her!
    5. RacerGT bought my Kimono, the transaction was very smooth and she is just wonderful to deal with. Highly recommended!

      Thank you again! ​
    6. RacerGT bought Iple house ASA from me. (by layaway)
      It was wonderful transaction, She always paid on time and kindly update to me :)
      Communication was smooth, polite and comfortable to deal with.
      Highly recommend ^^b
      Thank you so much again ^^
    7. Racer GT bought an MSD sized cloak from me! She was super friendly and paid very quickly as well as kept in great contact!
      I recommend her and would do business with her again!
    8. RacerGT bought a Volks Cyndy head and a sd13 girl body from me. She paid promptly and was friendly and responsive with her PMs. The transaction was perfect and I highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you and enjoy^^
    9. I sold volks SD NANA for her. She is pay the money for a layaway on schedule.
      And the transaction was very friendly.
      Thank you very much.
    10. RacerGT bought a pair of 20mm Soom eyes from me and everything went very well. She was pleasant to work with, paid when she said she would and she let me know when her package arrived safely. I'd work with her again any time, it's been a pleasure :) Thanks, RacerGT!
    11. RacerGT bought a Jpop wig from me. She paid super quickly, and was pleasant and extremely easy to deal with. Thanks!
    12. RacerGT bought 2 pairs of jeans from me. Fast payment and great communication I recommend her highly!
    13. RacerGT bought a dress set from me. A very nuce buyer! =) Thank you very much for the smooth transaction! ^_^
    14. I sold a pair of eyes and a wig to RacerGT. The transaction went smooth and she is easy to communicate. Thank you Bec :>
    15. RacerGT just bought an outfit from me, and it was a great transaction--RacerGT was easy to communicate with by PM, quick about paying, and nice enough to let me know when the outfit arrived. It was a pleasure doing business--hope our paths cross again soon on DoA! :aheartbea
    16. RacerGT has bought several items of clothing from me, and she has been a pleasure to deal with every time. Her communication was great, she paid promptly and overall the transactions were very smooth. Thank you!
    17. RacerGT bought an outfit from me. PMs and payment were fast and friendly and she let me know when it arrived. It was a great transaction!

      Thanks again! :)
    18. I sold an outfit to RacerGT. Great communication and prompt payment! Couldn't have asked for more :)
    19. I sold RacerGT some SD/MSD sized doll masks. A very friendly and communicative buyer who sent payment very quickly. I would happily sell to again and recommend to all. Thanks for a great transaction! :thumbup
    20. RacerGT was in my Lace swap , she was honest in her communications about real life troubles and shipped out her wonderful gift. I would her to anyone ^_^