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Feedback for RaChEltheRabidRabbit

Jun 1, 2009

    1. Well, here is my feedback thread. Happy doing business with you!!! Thanks!!! :)
    2. RaChEltheRabidRabbit bought a doll from me and was wonderful to do business with! Fast payment too! Thank you so much Rachel! :aheartbea

    3. A very thorough buyer - friendly emails and lightning fast payment! Thank you, R!
    4. Excellent transaction with RaChEltheRabidRabbit who purchased a doll from me. Payment was immediate and communication was great. A perfect buyer. Thank you!
    5. RaChEltheRabidRabbit purchased a doll from me, and was absolutely wonderful to deal with. Lightning fast payment and excellent communication. Agreed with above, "A perfect buyer"! Thank you!
    6. Rachel bought a Fer from me and was very patient with me about the whole process, which unfortunately had to be delayed due to illness. I am very happy with her as a buyer and enjoyed our transaction. :)
    7. I sold a pair of Soom legs to RaChEltheRabidRabbit. The communication ws good, payment was swift and they let me know when the items arrived and left feedback.

      Thank you very much.
    8. I sold a set of Chrom blushed FL legs & unblushed FL hands to
      Rachel, payment was super fast and communication good, she
      let me know when her items arrived and left FB :-)
      Thanks again!!!!
    9. I bought a very special Custom House "Elf Gabriel" LE10 from RaChEltheRabidRabbit. The doll is perfect and was packed extremely well for her long journey to the UK. There was a slight delay with shipping due to an illness in the family but Rachel let me know. I am thrilled with my purchase and you can buy with confidence from this seller. :) Thanks again!
    10. I bought Soom Amber lower leg parts from Rachel and they arrived quickly and very well packed. Thanks!
    11. Super buyer! Prompt with PMs, prompt with payment, and prompt to follow up with feedback and a confirmation of receipt! Thank you so much!
    12. ...I should mention that I sold her 2 Volks C-Type saddle stands!
    13. I bought a Gorgeous Chrom from RaChEltheRabidRabbit I adore him to bits! very good communication and quick shipping.
      There was a little mix up with addresses but RaChEltheRabidRabbit was more then happy to offer any help :)
      Overall I definately will be happy to do business again :)
    14. RaChEltheRabidRabbit had a want-to-buy that I was able to help her out with. The process the whole way through was super. All communication was friendly and helpful. Payment was super fast. I would be more than happy to work with RaChEltheRabidRabbit again in future ;-) THANKYOU.
    15. RaChEltheRabidRabbit bought my SOOM Migma from me. Communication was great, payment was very fast, and overall everything went quite well, thank you!
    16. I bought an elfkin from RaChEltheRabidRabbit - and she is very cute! Communication and shipping were good - I would buy from her again.
    17. I was purchasing a Breakaway head and arm set from RaChEltheRabidRabbit on layaway. She was absolutely wonderful to deal with even kind and patient when we lost touch for a while. Before I could finally finish my layaway a major family crisis reared it's ugly head and I had to cancel my layaway due to a major lack of funds. RaChEltheRabidRabbit was extremely understanding and without me asking or even expecting it she refunded the money I had put toward the head and arm so far. It's a huge help and I can't even put into words how much I appreciate it right now. She's a wonderful seller and I would gladly buy from her again if I ever get the chance to.
    18. I purchased a Fairyland Minifee Scar Breakaway head and scarred arm set from RaChEltheRabidRabbit on a 2 month layaway. Everything went pretty smooth. Communication could have been a bit better, but overall I'm satisfied and love the set it was exactly as described and in excellent condition.
    19. Fabulous seller was really kind and allowed me to do max layaway 6 months after doll was paid of she shipped very quickly highly recommend her :)
    20. Rachel bought a Souldoll Junia fullset from me. She was beyond patient when I became busy with work, paid promptly, and let me know when the doll arrived. Thank you so much, again!