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Feedback for Raesha

Jun 25, 2010

    1. Please leave feedback for me here! Thanks. ^_^
    2. I bought a gorgeous GoD Nabiya/RS Hybrid girl fro Raesha! The transaction was flawless! Communication was excellent and shipping was very fast! Raesha is very sweet and wonderful to deal with! I highly recommend this seller!

      Thanks Raesha!
    3. I bought a pair of Iruhi Fennec Fox ears (Featherfall Resinsoul exclusive) from Raesha. The transaction went beautifully! She was great on communication, and terms for payment. Thanks so much again, Raesha!
    4. I sold Raesha a well loved Bobobie Lian head as a part of a split. She was very quick to respond to all of the PMs and to pay and she was very nice to talk to. I would happily deal with her again in the future :)
    5. Raesha bought my dark tan Mina and we did a partial trade for some clothes as a part of the transaction. Everything went very smoothly and I would gladly trade with or sell to Raesha again! :D
    6. I took part in Raesha's BBB/resinsoul GO.
      Very pleasant, very fast, great packing & postage.
      Would do business again anytime!
    7. I joined a Resinsoul/Bobobie GO ran by Raesha. Everything was clearly laid out and the whole process was incredibly easy and friendly. Communication was fast and updates are always listed in the first post. Thank you!
    8. Did a G.O. with Raesha everything went really well!
      she even saved me shipping price by finding smaller box for the hands!
      thanks alot!
    9. I took part in Raesha's Resinsoul/Bobobie GO. Thank you Raesha, for making it such a pleasant experience! It was well organized, and everything went smoothly. Communication was friendly and great, shipping was efficient, and the articles were well packed. I highly recommend any transactions with Raesha!
    10. I was in on the GO from BBB and RS. Raesha was spectacular, but allow me to explain further.

      Through no fault of hers my portion of the order was missing parts. Raesha was very quick to pick up on the company's mistake. She was very quick to begin to rectify it and bent over backwards to try and help me get my pieces home. She stayed with me Every part of the way, Helped me contact bbb whenever I had problems getting a hold of them. Even offered to Help me replace them when I was sure the hands were lost in transit!

      She was prompt and concise in her communications. Her packaging was impeccable, the box she sent with the parts that did come on time were packed wonderfully, not even a wiggle in the box. Her turn around time on shipping was fantastic.

      If you're thinking about working with her, don't bother hesitating, she's fantastic. She helped me with my first Group order, that was also my first botched order. It can't be said too many times, She was WONDERFUL!
    11. Raesha has commissioned me for a few of her girls, mods, and faceups. She is always a pleasure to work with and I look forward to customizing her dolls in the future!! :)
    12. Purchased a BBB Elfkin from Raesha. Communication was fabulous and he shipped quickly. She was even nice enough to include clothing so he didn't arrive naked and did a faceup on him. Thanks!
    13. I bought a Nabiyette/Tinybear CoCo hybrd from Raesha and the transaction was perfect. She was just as described, the shipping was super quick, and she was well packed in her sleeping bag plus extra foam in just the right size box. Definitely recommend as a seller.
    14. Raesha was my partner in a swap. I have to say, everything that I recieved was absolutely fabulous and drop dead gorgeous!
      Everything was sent to me in a timely manner, and if there was any kind of hiccup in the ways of life, she was very prompt to let me and the swap leader know. I would love to do any kind of transaction or swap with Raesha again.

      An excellent experience.
    15. I bought a Nabiya head from Raesha. Everything went wonderfully--another great transaction!
    16. Raesha and I did a trade for homemade items, the dress she made was fantastic, well made and she even included some extra that were equally as fabulous. She also comissioned a suit from me for her incoming 60cm doll. Transaction was flawless, communication was great throughout the process. Was a pleaure to work with and would definitely love to create some more fabulous items for her lovely dolls.
    17. Raesha was a participant in my Resinsoul swap.

      She sent her partner a nice gift.

      She mailed on time and is a pleasure to work with.

      I recommend her a a swap participant!
    18. I bought a beautiful resinsoul SD doll off Raesha. I got her super fast and she was exactly as described. The doll was packed very well and economically too so I could get the best rate for shipping. Her communication was excellent and I'm very happy with the doll. No bad surprises, only pleasant dealings! Would deal with her again in a heartbeat!
    19. Raesha bought my RS Lan head. She was very nice and friendly in communication and replied to my messages quickly. Raesha is very reliable, paid on time, when she said she would, and let me know when the dolly head arrived. It was a pleasure to work with her and I recommend her as a buyer! Thank you!! :)
    20. I received my resinsould Ju from Raesha. Everything was speedy and handled with care. The doll was packed VERY safely! There was no damage when she arrived from shipping. Thank you.