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Feedback for Ragresen

Oct 4, 2008

    1. I noticed Ragresen doesn't have a feedback thread but felt I needed to throw in my two cents on his behalf. He participated in the Mana GO I ran with eva_tsukino... we had a great time and Ragresen was awesome in all ways. He even tolerated a room full of fangirly squee, for months. I say that earns extra points on the feedback scale. hehe. Thanks for making it a good experience, Ragresen-kun, and hope to deal with you again!!!!
    2. Thanks for the comments there. I am a bit of a rabid Malice Mizer fan myself so it is easy to tolerate certain things. I do regret that I had to back out of an GO minimee order for Kaya, but my money got too tight and I felt I did it the right way on making my choice before the order was solidified and before money was starting to get collected. If those who are running that order wish to comment here they are welcome good or bad.
    3. Ragresen purchased a Soom Cuprit crown from me. Payment was fast and communication great. Would definitely do business with again, thank you so much!
    4. Ragresen purchased a DOD Calla default outfit from me. Great communication and payment was prompt. Would do business with again!
    5. Ragresen purchased some Soom leg parts from me. Prompt payment and friendly communication. Thanks so much!
    6. Ragresen bought a Soom wig off me. Payment was prompt and communication great! Would do business with again!
    7. Ragresen purchased a pair of soom amber forearms from me. Paid promptly and kept excellent communication. Thanks so much for the excellent transaction!
    8. Ragresen purchased an DOT outfit from me. Payment was superfast! Great buyer! Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the clothes!
    9. I just wanted to say what a great transaction I had selling my Empress Kayla to Ragresen. He was a lovely person to deal with, paid up fast and let me know as soon as she arrived which is very important (and reassuring!) when one is sending things overseas. I'm so happy Kayla has gone to a great new home. :)
    10. I just bought a Mana-Sama Minimee from Ragresen. Such a wonderful person to talk to:) Comunication was great. The doll was shipped very fast after the payment. And I am super happy with the doll. Would be a pleasure to do business again with:)
    11. Ragresen bought a Soom Amber lower torso and hoof parts from me. It was one of the most pleasant transactions I've done on DOA. Ragresen is patient, polite and understanding, I would not hesitate to do another transaction with them.
    12. Ragresen bought a pair of Soom wings from me. Everything went perfectly with great communication and quick payment. So sorry for the tardy feedback! Hope you are enjoying the wings. :)

      Thanks again!