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Feedback for Raiji Magiwind

Nov 7, 2009

    1. Welcome to my feedback thread.
      I shall strive to do my best to serve those I buy from and sell to as best as I can.

      Please leave your feedback and comments on transactions with me here.

      Love, Peace and :bcupcake's...

      Raiji Magiwind
    2. i sell a BJD to Raiji
      the communication was good and she pay in time each part of layaways
      thank you again for the purchase ^___^
    3. Raiji Magiwind bought a SD Blue Kimono from me. Great communication, and just great to deal with. I'd happily sell/buy from her any day and I recommend her to anyone~

      Thank you and enjoy! ^^
    4. Raiji Magiwind bought a doll body from me via layaway and was wonderful to do business with! :) She kept me updated on the payments, and each payment was paid right on time. Was kind enough to let me know when the package arrived and such. I would not hesitate to do business with her again! ^^ Communication was also good too! This transaction could not have gone better.
    5. Raiji Magiwind purchased my luts abaddon armor parts earlier this month.
      she kept excellent communication, paid promptly, and a pleasure to deal with.
      cannot recommend her enough as a buyer!

      thank you Raji for an excellent transaction.:chocoberry
    6. Raiji Magiwind bought a Soom Bygg from me. The communication was great and payments were made on time (besides a few emergencies that were made up quickly). I would enjoy dealing with her again. c:
    7. Unfortunately I have no choice but to leave Bad Feedback for Raiji Magiwind. Raiji was a member of the A Thousand Years of Police Box Travel – A Doctor Who Swap. Raiji was given Ample time to finish their swap items and still failed to produce anything. Our swap Began in January of 2013 and was officially extended twice for those needing more time. The Final Ship By Date was April 2013. Raiji herself was allotted even More time by her understanding swap partner. But here we are now September, 9 months later, and still she has not produced anything for her partner.