Feedback for rain2sunshine

Jun 9, 2016

    1. Feedback from my purchases here pllleeeaasseee!!!
    2. rain2sunshine bought my Soom Yarn via layaway and the whole transaction went very well - excellent communication, fast payment, and just an absolute pleasure to deal with! 10/10 would do business with again! :)
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    3. rain2sunshine bought an outfit from me. Payment was prompt and communication was very friendly. :3 I also got to see her doll wearing the outfit. A wonderful person to do business with!
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    4. rain2sunshune commissioned an outfit from me. Communication was great, and she answered all the questions I had (questions about length, fabrics, choosing ribbon types, and deciding on parts of the outfit that couldn't be seen on the reference photo). I sent her wips photos, and she always provided useful feedback, and was very polite.
      She payed promptly and when the tracking had an issue (the post office couldn't deliver my package to the receiving post office), she let me know and kept me updated because I was worried. She also notified me when she got the dress and sent me photos.
      I totally recommend her, she was a pleasure to work with, I really enjoyed it! :D