Feedback for RainbowsHaven

Oct 12, 2016

    1. Please post all feedback for me here! :)
    2. I purchased a Dream of Doll DOT Shall from you last week and it was a VERY positive experience. ;)

      Seller was quick to reply to inquiries, open to negotiations, provided lot's of reference photos before and during the shipping process and kept me very updated during the exchange.

      Curteous, polite and helpful. Seller was more than willing to provide advice when I encounter posing problems after doll arrived. Everything worked out great and I'm VERY happy with her.

      Doll was in the exact condition as described and required very minimal cleaning up. Doll was a 2009 cast and I can tell she has been cared for greatly between then and now.

      Here she is:


      I would highly recommend this seller. 10/10 experience.

      Thank you!

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    3. Sold an event head to RainbowsHaven, she was really friendly and the whole transaction was quick and smooth! 10/10 experience.
      Hope you enjoy the new head, thank you!
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    4. I bought a Bimong Dandelion Body from RainbowsHaven and everything went wonderfully! The seller was prompt, friendly and communication was absolutely top notch. The body was packaged safely and arrived in the exact condition that it was sold, which is to say perfect! I would highly recommend purchasing from this seller and would gladly do so myself in the future.
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    5. Sold a minifee head to RainbowsHaven and I couldn't be happier with the transaction. Wonderful communication (and really patient about timezones, etc), paid promptly and messaged me immediately to let me know the head had arrived safely - all the things that make international transactions so much easier. Very kind and thoughtful. Would do business again with them anytime.
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    6. Bought a harucasting maji and did a small fast layaway. Maji arrived in absolute perfect condition I am so pleased thank you so much! I am so happy to have gotten this girl from you!
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    7. This is an overdue feedback for RainbowsHaven! Lovely buyer! Communication was smooth and sent payment fast!