Feedback for rainglow

Aug 4, 2019

    1. Please leave any feedback for things I have sold or bought from you here!
    2. Positive - I sold a SQ Lab Haruka full doll to Rainglow. Communication was very clear and payment was prompt. Would definitly sell to again. ^_^
    3. I responded to rainglow's WTB for an MDD body and everything went very smoothly. Payment was prompt and communication was always friendly! They let me know when the doll arrived as well! I would absolutely work with rainglow again~
    4. Rainglow bought a Gokidoll mini Kai head from me. Everything was nice, good communication, prompt payment, so I really recommend rainglow! Thank you so much! :D
    5. I bought a mdd head from them and it was a really good buying experience. Shipped really quickly, was really kind and honest about the condition of the head, including high res photos to show yellowing, and contacted me to let me know it had arrived from her tracking. I would definitely buy from them again! <3
    6. Rainglow bought an outfit from me and the transaction went very smoothly. I would recommend working with rainglow!