Feedback for RamenNoodle

Dec 25, 2018

    1. Hi, if you had any transactions with me, please post feedback here :kitty1

      Thank you!
    2. @RamenNoodle participating in my Minifee Maya Designer Set - Russian Maiden split. They purchased the outfit with the painted magnetic shoes. Payment was prompt and easy. There was an issue with the shoes, and they were very patient and understanding as they waited for DDE to get back to me regarding the issue. They also let me know as soon as the the package arrived. Overall it was a wonderful experience and I would 100% work with them again. Highly recommended.
    3. RamenNoodle purchased a mnf dress from me. They were friendly, paid quickly, had great communication, and let me know when the item has arrived safely :) I'd be happy to do business with them again!
    4. Ramen purchased a pair of eyes from me. Very smooth communication and fast payment =) I would be glad to have a business together again!
    5. RamenNoodle purchased a SDGr Girl white body from me. Smooth communication and swift payment. What a pleasant transaction. I will recommend her for DOA market place. Thank you!
    6. @RamenNoodle participated in one of my Luha splits (purchased via DDE). They were always responsive and great about confirming order details. Payment was easy and prompt, and they were kind enough to let me know when the doll arrived. Would definitely work with them again.
    7. @RamenNoodle participated in my split for Fairyland Dina purchased through DDE! They were super responsive, prompt with payment, and an overall pleasure to work with! The package arrived today and they let me know right away. I would definitely work with them again!
    8. @RamenNoodle purchased an artist made Minifee outfit from me. Communication was great and she let me know when to expect payment. She was kind enough to let me know when the package arrived, and it was another great transaction with her! 100% recommended buyer.
    9. @RamenNoodle participated in my Hagico wigs group order. They were very communicative and paid promptly, and were a delight to work with. They also let me know when the wigs arrived. I'd gladly deal with them again! :)