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Feedback for Ramunegirl

Dec 11, 2007

    1. As I dont see a feedback for Ramunegirl I decided to start one :)
      I had a very nice business with her , sold the clothes. Ramunegirl paid very quickly and was very nice and communicative.
      Thank you!
    2. oi I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner!

      Ramunegirl had boughten a pair of pants and a shirt from me, she paid when she promised she would by money order. She had forgotten to add in the shipping money but I decided to ship it out before hand and she was still kind enough to send the shipping money that she owed.

      Thankyou ramunegirl for the pleasant transaction!
    3. I had a very pleasant transaction with ramunegirl! She purchased an Elf Kirill from me and was prompt about her layaway payments. :)
      She's very easy to communicate with and is an excellent buyer! Thanks Ramunegirl!
    4. Fastest shipping I have ever recieved.. thank you soo much!!
    5. I had a very pleasant transaction with Ramunegirl! :) She purchased my Dream of Doll Limited Elf Kiril Full Outfit. Great communication, timely payment and overall just perfect! Thanks so much again!
    6. I sold some clothes to Ramunegirl and she was a pleasure to deal with, paid promptly and communicated well.
    7. I sold a Puki Pipi to Ramunegirl by layaway. Communication was great and she finished paying off well ahead of schedule. I highly recommend, and would gladly do business with her again! :)
    8. Ramunegirl bought a Dollheart dress set from me.
      Everything went smoothly and she let me know when the set arrives.

      Thank you. ^^
    9. i sold a pipos rooney to ramunegirl~ she paid quickly, was understanding, and generally pleasent to deal wth. thanks again
    10. I bought a Puki from Ramunegirl, for the most part the transaction was smooth, the commincation was very good and she was very nice to deal with.
      There was a mix up with shipping, by the fault of the post office and they shipped her via parcel post rather than Priority. The Puki took three weeks to get to me, but Ramunegirl was very nice, called them right away and figured out what was going on. Commentincation continued until the doll arrived. Though I was very unhappy with the post office, I was pleased with the response from Ramunegirl.

      Thank you very much.
    11. bought a lovely sword from Ramunegirl, who is kind enough to wait until i get all my stuff settled and hold onto the sword for me, until i was ready to pay for it, lovely communations and shipping is very promt, would love to do businness again :)
    12. I sold a pair of pants and a T-shirt to Ramunegirl.=)
      She is very communicative,nice and payed instantly. Very nice person to deal with

      Thank you very much again and I`m so happy that you and your boy will like the clothes(≧ω≦)/
    13. Ramunegirl bought my doll.
      she was very kind and we had a great communication.
      it was a great pleasure to deal with you.
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you, Ramunegirl!!!!!!!!!!
    14. I sold a PpoPpo to Ramunegirl and she paid her off via layaway as discussed and kept in contact with me thoughout the transaction. She was a pleasure to deal with.
    15. Ramunegirl bought some stuff from me in layaway, she was so nice in the whole transaction, and the payments were fast, I will definitely do any business with her again, thank you very much!!!
    16. Ramunegirl purchased a DZ Shoyo 3 kitty/bunny fullset from me on layaway. ^^ She communicated well and paid as soon as she could. Great transaction, I would recommend her to any future seller. She's very sweet!
    17. Took part in a split for Soom Afi. Was pleasant to work with from start to finish. :) Thanks again!
    18. POSITIVE

      Ramunegirl sold me a Soom MD Yrie head. The head was shipped fast, and when it arrived it was exactly what was described and pictured in the sales thread :3 . I am very happy with this purchase, Ramunegirl was extreamly pleasant to buy from. Excellent communication and very friendly.

      I would deffinately buy from Ramunegirl again~
    19. I bought a SOOM Beyla from Ramunegirl.It was a wonderful transaction which went very smoothly.She was fantastic to deal with, fast shipping and great communication throughout.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and hope to deal with you again in the future ^ ^Thank you
    20. I bought a Afi faun head from Ramunegirl. The transaction was wonderful, she was nice to send the head of straight to the face-up artist. She was fantastic to deal with.