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Feedback for Ranchan

Oct 5, 2011

    1. Please, leave here the feedback and comment for any transaction with me
      I'd be glad to do the same!
      Thank you very much :)
    2. I sold a pair of eye to Ranchan and she was SUPER lovely to deal with <3
      She let me know when the eyes arrived and was super nice!
    3. I sold a Pukifee to Ranchan and she was lovely , 100% positive
    4. Ranchan purchased a Lati yellow Bayer head from me, she was lovely to trade with, paid super fast and communication was great, she also kindly let me know when the head arrived safely. I would recommend Ranchan to everybody and hope to trade again in the future :aheartbea

      Ranchan purchased a PKF Pong-Pong from me. Sure and steady communication throughout the transaction, let me know when it arrived. Thank you. :)
    6. Ranchan bought my beautiful MNF Mirwen. She paid very fast, there was good communication and she just let me know that Mirwen arrived quick and safe! Thanks for adopting her and take good care of her!
    7. I sold Ranchan my MiniFee Mirwen. She is a lovely person and great to deal with. She paid very fast and we had good communication. Thanks for adopting beautiful Mirwen, take good care of her!
    8. I sold Ranchan my Minoruworld Body. Very lovely to deal with, thank you~ :aheartbea
    9. I sold Ranchan a LittleMonica Irin!
      She is so very lovely to speak to, very helpful for me, paid fast, and even let me know when she received her package!
      Definitely an A+!
    10. Ranchan bought a MinoruWorld Jr from me. She was a pleasure to deal with - prompt communication and payment and let me know when her parcel arrived safe and sound. Would happily recommend her
    11. Ranchan joined my Leeke GO. Prompt and friendly communication, she paid fast and let know as soon as the stuff arrived. I would love to work with her again, thank you :)
    12. Ranchan took part in my Luts GO. Communication was fast and friendly, and she paid quickly. I would happily deal with Ranchan again!
    13. I bought a lati sophie pharaon curse, from Ran. She was so kind and lovely! Smooth transaction :)
    14. Ran bought a Souldoll Janne from me and it was a perfect transaction :)
      She is absolutely lovely to deal with and I would be very happy to work with her again.
      Highly recommended.
      Thank you so much:D
    15. Ranchan bought a Fairyland Feeple60 Chloe-head from me. It was a perfect transaction. She is very friendly and payed as fast as the wind. And she let me know when the head arrived. I would happily recommend her.