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Feedback for RandiC

Nov 17, 2009

    1. Please leave feedback for me! I also have 100% Positive feedback on Ebay, under ID iknit4dolls.

      Thank you! ;)
    2. +1 as a buyer!! - VERY friendly and prompt with payment :)
    3. +1 as a buyer! A doll to do business with. Great communication, and fast payment :)
    4. RandiC bought a littlefee hoodie from me. Paid quickly and nitified me when it arrived. greay buyer will recomend
    5. I received a PERFECT cardigan sweater for my PukiFees from RandiC. Great person to deal with! :)
    6. RandiC bought my Dollzone BB Ani, paid promptly, and let me know as soon as she got there. It was a pleasure!
    7. I received a knitted mittens, hat and sweater set for pukifee in a trade with RandiC. She kept me informed of the progress the whole way. Her knitting is is perfectly in scale to pukifee size and is such beautiful workmanship. It fits my pukifee perfectly.
    8. I bought a set of Pukifee sized mittens from RandiC - they are of fantastic quality and look great on my Army.

      Osiris, Isis and Ma'at thank you!
    9. I bought a pukifee sized cardigan sweater from RandiC. I am so pleased with it. The color was exactly what I was hoping for and it it extremely well made. You have to get your favorite bjd one of these :)
    10. RandiC participated in my Dollmore GO. She was great! Fast payment, great communication and an overall pleasure to work with. I'd gladly do business with her again in a heart beat. I'd recommend RandiC to everyone!

      Thanks so much for making my GO run so smoothly. :D
    11. I've gotten lots of knitted items from "RandiC" and her work is stunning. I don't know how she does it -- she must knit these things with sewing needles -- they are so fine and intricate. She's so easy to work with if you're looking for something special. I just can't say enough good about her and her work.

    12. I purchased some DARLING pumpkin hats for my Little Fees and some beautiful lacey dresses and leggings, as well! Monica does beautiful work, and I most certainly would purchased from her again! I highly recommend her; her communication is wonderful and she's very nice to transact with!
    13. Thank you, Shelly! My needles are always available! LOL
    14. I cannot say enough good things about Monica's work! We had a trade (some of my headbands/accessories for her handmade goodies) and I'm totally in love with her end of the trade! Definitely the best mail day I've had in a long time. Items are extremely well-made, well-packed and gorgeous! She's lovely to deal with and friendly to talk to as well. Thanks again, Monica! ♥
    15. RandiC bought Littlefee crocs shoes from me. Thanks for brilliant transaction and my best recommends for a nice buyer! :)
    16. RandiC bought a pukifee wig from me some time ago. I just realized that I never left a feedback. I'm sorry for this, Randi! She payed very quickly, it was a smooth and easy transaction and the communication was great. She was kind enough to inform me when the package arrived.
    17. Great buyer. RandiC purchased and outfit and undies from me. Great communication and fast payment. Thanks so much and enjoy.
    18. I commissioned a MNF-sized hoodie sweater from RandiC! It's incredibly well made and RandiC went the extra mile to make sure everything was perfect, by showing me what colors she had available, making sure the color was exactly right and giving me detailed updates on the progress of my commission. I highly recommend her! <3
    19. I bought a cute crochet YOSD (LTF) dress+leggings from RandiC.
      Communication was excellent and shipping was super fast too!
      Dress&leggings are very well made and my ltf loves it!!

      Overall great transaction, thank you!
    20. RandiC was my partner in Littlefee Spring Swap 2011. She had made and bought many lovely gifts and the package arrived in time, even early. I was very happy. Thank you, and my best recommends for future swaps! :)