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Feedback for Ranma

Jan 2, 2009

    1. Didn't see feedback thread for Ranma, so I better start one because an awesome buyer like him needs one!

      Ranma bought eyes from me, has excellent communication and paid fast. Thanks for the smooth and pleasant transaction!
    2. i just sold two dollmore heads to ranma.
      it was a very smooth and good transaction.
      comminucation was very good and he was very nice to deal and talk with very relaxing to where i worried about thing that could go wrong (tracking didn't working) he just stayed cool and relax, lol

      thank you for the great transaction!

      greetz lamira
    3. Ranma bought a mnf from me and she was very easy to work with and communication was really good! Smooth transaction and I highly recomend her as a buyer!~
    4. Hey Ten_Ten, I'm a guy, not a girl! But then again, Ranma was female half the time, so I guess I can't complain!:lol:

    5. Ranma bought a Puki Pongpong from me and it's was a wonderful transaction. Good communication, fast payment, and notice when Pongpong was received. I would definetely do business with again.
    6. Positive Feedback

      Ranma bought a Puki Puki kimono from me.
      This was an excellent transaction: fast payment and good communication.:thumbup

    7. Ranma purchased a MiniFee head from me and everything went through wonderfully well. Communication was well kept and payment was prompt. A pleasant transaction from start to finish; I would happily do business with them again.

      ღ[ Thank you for such a wonderful transaction~ ]ღ
    8. Ranma participated in a FL GO I held. Things couldn't have gone smoother and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again!
    9. Ranma is a delight to work with :) he bought some ballet shoes from me and it was a perfect transaction, fast payment, great communication. Thank you ^__^