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Feedback for Ravyn42

Sep 18, 2008

    1. I just sent off my first commission, so I'm just starting my feedback thread! YAY Feedback!
    2. :)Ravyn42 made 2 headdresses for me, a blue one and a red one.

      :(I saw jewelry on a website and I wanted it so badly, but the people never responded when you sended them emails, so I taught I would never be able to get a beautiful headdress like that...

      :)Until I found Revyn42! She said she could make something like that and she did exactly what she said: 2 beautiful headdresses came out, just as pretty, no even prettier, than on the website I saw!

      :DShe shipped them very fast and kept me updated while making it. She send me pics, asked me or I wanted to change anything, and she did everything perfectly! Also, for a very nice prize! On the website they were 75, but Ravyn42 only asked 35 each! They were beeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful!!

      If you want jewelry, you should definitily let Ravyn42 make it! No doubt!!
    3. Ravyn42 bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when they arrived.
      A pleasure to do business with.
    4. Ravyn bought my Iplehouse Limited Harin complete outfit, wig, and the lovely Harin head.
      She is just wonderful to deal with - great communication and super payment!
      Thanks Lots!!!
      Robyn :)
    5. POSITIVE: Yeah, I'm glad you like them! Ravyn42 bought a pair of eyes from me. Communication and payment went smoothly. I would do business again with Ravyn and I highly recommend her!
    6. Ravyn42 bought some eyes from me and she was great! Communication couldnt have been better and overall she is a lovely person to deal with. Payment was fast and the transaction as a whole went smoothly. Ravyn42 was kind enough to let me know when the eyes arrived and left feedback too! ^_^ Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction! :D
    7. Ravyn42 participated in my Luts group order. Quick payments and very friendly to deal with!
    8. Ravyn42 participated in another Luts GO with me. She's still completely awesome to deal with, very friendly and quick payments! thank you once again
    9. Very great to work with! I sold her some clothes, and she kept me updated on when she sent the payment and when they arrived! She was very patient and understanding when the package got sent back to me ((due to lack of stamps... >_> )). I would happily do business with her again!

    10. Ravyn42 participated in my Luts GO and everything went smoothly. Thank you very much!
    11. I bought a pair of iplehouse high heel feet from Ravyn42.
      Communication was great, with PMs replied to within a day. She was really polite throughout the transaction, and constantly updated me when anything cropped up, and when she sent the feet out.
      Overall, the transaction went really smoothly, and I wouldn't hesitate to trade with her again.
    12. I sold Ravyn42 a pair of Leekeworld shoes, and it was a pleasant transaction all around. Highly recommended :)
    13. Ravyn42 bought some clothes from me in a great, forthright and friendly transaction. Thanks much for letting me know the items arrived! I really hope you like them and some pics would be great to see ^^
    14. You are very very good buyer , your kindness,friendship and praise really encourage me to keep working for the whole doll world ,and let me deeply feel the trust ,friendship ,kindness during our transaction . I am a glass doll eyes manufacturer , I enjoy the praise from you after my hard work,to be honest , I am really willing to work for you again and try to do my best to make the top quality and service for the wonderful doll world .to let all of us to feel the trust and friendship between the people and make the happyness for each other are more important than the money , and feel our work are meaningful and life are really happy . Any requirements including the special requirement which no people can do ,please feel free to contact me .
      thank you again!
      Your friend :Lu
    15. I sold a dress set to Ravyn42, and it was a wonderful transaction. Fast payment & great communication, and she let me know when she got the item. I'd love to deal with her again in future. Thanks a lot!
    16. she bought the doll glass eyes from me again , the whole transaction is very happy ,she was very kind and friendly , it is happy time to have the business with her, highly recommend her to all of you.
    17. Ravyn42 bought my glass eyes. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived. A real pleasure to do business with.