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Feedback for Ravynspear

Oct 1, 2007

    1. Hi. If I have bought from you or sold anything to you please leave feedback here. Thanks
    2. Ravynspear bought some doll clothes from me. Very friendly communication and smooth transaction, very recommended customer. Thanks for your fast payment.:aheartbea
    3. Ravynspear bought 2 dresses from me, she is really a kind and friendly person :]
      very fast payment, great buyer! I recommend her!
    4. Ravynspear bought a Dollzone head from me, and it was a very smooth transaction! Fast payment and friendly communication. :daisy
    5. I just completed a terrific transaction with Ravynspear! Payment was super-speedy. Communications were prompt and friendly. All commissions should go this smoothly!

      Thank you!
    6. I just sold a pair of soom eyes to Ravynspear. Payment was prompt and the transaction went very smootly. Great buyer and highly recommended :3
    7. Ravynspear purchased two pair of eyes from me. Payment was immediate and communication was excellent through out the transaction. She also let me know once she had received the eyes. An A+ buyer. Thanks :)
    8. Sold a doll to Ravynspear, payment was made faster than expected and the transaction went off without a hitch. :)
    9. I took part in a group order for Cool Cat last month that Ravynspears coordinated for me. She was wonderful to deal with and checked all my items to make sure everything arrived safely.

      She's also bought several clothing items from me and paid right away every time.

      Above all else she has lent me her 70cm kids for a couple weeks at a time to make my patterns from.

      Ravynspears is a wonderful person and a trustworthy DOA member to work with! I look forward to many future transactions!
    10. ravynspear sold me a beautiful Mo Lan head! i can't believe how well she packed it and how fast it got here :o she's wonderfully communicative and responds VERY quickly to inquiries! i'd love to buy from her again in the future! ^___^
    11. Ravynspear participated in my Dollmore group order and everything went through nice and smooth. :) She's very much on top of things and pays quickly with wonderful communication.

      Thank you for being such a wonderful participant. :D

      :aheartbea Shizume :aheartbea
    12. I just bought an absolutely gorgeous chainmail shirt from Ravynspear. The quality and workmanship is excellent. Great communication and fast shipping, too. I would gladly buy from her again!

      Thanks so much!

    13. Our first transaction with Ravynspear was great. Quick payment and great communication. Perfect!! Thanks so much!
    14. I've done some scarwork for Ravynspear [and am in the mid of more =3] and she's great to work with, fast communication, friendly and understanding. I highly recommend her to everyone ^_^
    15. Ravynspear participated in a Dream of Doll group order I ran. Great with communication and easy to work with! I look forward to working with her in the future. ;)
    16. Ravynspear traded me a Fantasy Doll Nekomimi for her worth in clothing. Wonderful buyer/seller/trader. Truly a pleasure to work with, very flexible and easygoing. I look forward to all of the other transactions we will be having, and are currently having.
    17. I bought a circlet from ravynspear, and the entire transaction was wonderful! She is incredibly friendly, fast shipping, and her work is beautiful! I would love to buy from her again. ^^
    18. Ravynspear purchased a pair of Hound converse from me.
      The entire transaction went smoothly, no problems at all.
      Thank you so much and enjoy the shoes!
    19. Ravynspear bought my CP Elf El and was a pleasure to deal with. The entire transaction ran smoothly from the initial PM to agreeing to meet in person for the final delivery/exchange. :) Would gladly do business with her again.
    20. I sold my vamp elf el to Ravynspear, it was a wonderful transaction, and she is wonderfully adorable and lovely to work with. I couldn't hope for a better buyer. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.