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Feedback for Red-Wolf-Ink

Jul 21, 2010

    1. I couldn't find a feedback thread for this person, so I'll start one! :)

      We had a minor mix-up on her payment, but it got fixed quickly. I really enjoyed doing business with Red-wolf-Ink! I would highly recommend her for future transactions. She paid quickly (it was a messup from my end >_< ) and kept in perfect communication.
    2. Red-wolf-Ink bought some eyes from me, and the transaction went smoothly. Thanks!
    3. Red-wolf-ink bought my purple glass eyes, smooth transaction,
      Thank you so much ^^
    4. Red-wolf-Ink bought a wig from me and the transaction was perfect! Nice communication and quick payment. It was really nice and easy! Thanks!!
    5. Red-Wolf-Ink Joined my msd punk swap. We shared very many messages in the beginning while she was joining the swap but then communication was pretty much dropped. Her partner was Vevet, and they where supposed to make 2 outfits for each other. Red-wolf-Ink sent her partners items about week after the due day without tracking. The rules in my swap state that there must be tracking if you send a week after the due date. It took 1 month for Vevet to receive her package, But that could have been Canada post. I know they where having issues and backups previously. Red-wolf-Ink didn't keep in contact with me and she didn't follow my rules. She is a very nice person, but as I have said many times in other places that my swap rules are strict. It upsets the partner and It upsets the swap host when something goes wrong in the swap. I wish I didn't have to leave feedback like this, But my rules are there to keep everybody happy. This Shouldn't hold her back from other swaps but Please in the future Red-Wolf-Ink, read rules carefully!
    6. I participated in Red-wolf-Ink's Dollmore GO. I received all my items promptly and am overall very satisfied with the GO. Thanks Red-wolf-Ink :DDD
    7. I participated in Red-wolf-Ink's Dollmore GO. I received my items today in very good packaging. Smooth transaction with no problems. Thanks RWI!
    8. I was in Red-Wolf-Ink's Dollmore GO and it was great! I would joina GO with her again anytime! Thank you ;)
    9. Participated in Red-Wolf-Ink's Dollmore GO and it went great. Once items were received, everything was well-packaged and everything I ordered was included. I had no problems with the GO and would participate in another one with them. Thanks! :D
    10. I participated in a Dollmore GO organized by Red-wolf-Ink, everything went great and I received my items quickly, well packaged and safe! I'd definitely join another GO! Thank you! n_____n
    11. Red-wolf-Ink participated in my Angell-Studio G.O.! She paid promptly, the entire amount, and even helped me to keep track of what she sent since it was my first time with a GO and I made a few mistakes. ^^; I would defiantly do business with her again! :D
    12. I bought DZ boots from RWL and the transaction was flawless. Thanks!:)
    13. Participated in Red-wolf-Ink's A.C. group order and everything went great. :thumbup
    14. I participated in Red-wolf-Ink's Alice's Collections Group Order- GREAT GO leader! I've already joined another GO hosted by this member!
    15. I bought a cute pair of doll shoes from Red-wolf-ink and everything was perfect!! Recommended by me to buy from!! :)
    16. I took part in a Leekeworld GO that Red-Wolf-Ink ran. Everything was organized and the communication was great~ Thanks for a pleasant transaction!
    17. I was in Red-Wolf-Ink's Leekeworld Pre-order GO and everything went wonderfully. Communications were excellent, things were quickly sorted once they came in, and invoices and shipping was done in an organized manner. I really appreciate all of Red-Wolf-Ink's hard work on our behalf and wouldn't hesitate to join any group order they hosted in the future.:)
    18. I participated in a Leeke GO run by red-wolf-ink. Everything went smoothly and properly. Thanks so much. Cheryl
    19. I participated in Red-Wolf-Ink's Leekeworld GO and everything went great! Invoices were prompt and organized and my wig got here safe and sound. All of my messages were answered within a day (and sometimes less!) and replies were informative. I wouldn't hesitate to join another one of their GOs. Thanks a bunch!
    20. First timed I joined a GO and I couldn't ask for a more perfect host. Everything was prompt, swift, organized, and well packaged. Communication was perfect as well. I would gladly join another GO.