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Feedback for RedDeath1888

Feb 5, 2008

    1. please post your feedback here :)
    2. RedDeath1888 bought a couple of my clearance items. :) The transaction was smooth, payment was quick, and communication was great! :) Thanks!!
    3. RedDeath1888 took part in one of my Dollmore group orders and everything went perfect ;)

      A real pleasure dealing with you! Thanks so much <3
    4. RedDeath1888 bought some of my mini martini glasses. The transaction was smooth and communication was great. Thanks for your interest, it's greatly appreciated.
    5. I sold some clothes to RedDeath1888. The transaction was fine and the communication was great. Thanks again.
    6. RedDeath1888 was a participant in my first Fairyland group order and I have absolutely no complaints what-so-ever. :D She's super friendly, fun to talk to, awesome with communication, quick with payments and needless to say, just an all around joy to deal with. I definitely wouldn't mind doing business with her again, in fact, she's already signed up for another one of my orders!

      :clover Many thankies for being such a great participant! :clover
    7. RedDeath1888 is a consistent customer of mine and a treat to deal with. It is always a pleasure doing business. Thanks!
    8. RedDeath1888 just bought a pair of senior-delf hands from me , great communication, she pay very fast and let me know when the hands were recieved,flawless transaction, hightly recommended ^__^
    9. I bought a Supia Roda from RedDeath1888-- great communication, well-packed, fast shipping, an excellent seller!! Thanks again for the beautiful doll, I love her! :)
    10. I sold my sard to RedDeath1888 on layaway. All PMs were polite and she was really nice to talk to. She actually paid him off very quickly too. It was a very pleasant and easy transaction what a lovely person to deal with. Highly recommand. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
    11. RedDeath1888 participated in my second Fairyland group order as well as my second Glass Eyes group order. She's always a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her! :D Payments are always prompt and communication is always no less than perfect.

      :clover Thank you for consistently being such a wonderful participant! :clover
    12. RedDeath1888 was participating in my DollMore group order. She dropped out because (and this is quoting her):

      I feel insulted by her comment because I chose to be a nice person and allow someone to add 1 item to their order. I could understand her frustration if I were allowing people to join the group order after close, but that is not the case. Also, she was upset because my order has been closed since Friday around 11pm and I had not sent out the invoices yet. The reason being, I was not only waiting for someone to add another item to their order, but I was also waiting to hear back from a few other people who's items went out of stock.

      Because of RedDeath1888 dropping out, I have to reopen my group order (I am aiming for the free shipping deal) and wait even longer. Thank you.
    13. Excellent communication. Very nice to work with. Paid very quickly. Perfect all around, thank you, AnnMarie
    14. RedDeath1888 bought a pair of eyes from me. Great communication and prompt payment. She also let me know when they arrived. What more could a seller ask for? Thank you so much for the excellent transaction.
    15. RedDeath1888 participated in my Euclase split. Has great communication and prompt payment. She even sent me some wonderful Sard spam w/ the eyes she bought from my split :aheartbea. I highly recommend her as an awesome split member/buyer! Thanks so much!
    16. RedDeath1888 purchased a metal collar from me. Great communication, super-fast payment, and great communication. Definitely recommended. :)
    17. RedDeath1888 joined my heliot split for soom eyes WAY back in December. Payment was very prompt. The communication was amazing throughout the long 6 month wait. I would definitely recommend RedDeath1888 to anyone. THANK YOU!!!
    18. RedDeath1888 joined my Amber split and was a pleasure to deal with! Great communication and fast payment. I would not hestitate to do business with RedDeath1888 again!
    19. Reddeath1888 was a part of my Dollmore GO. She was a pleasure to work with, prompt e-mails, great communication and paid quickly.

      Do not hesitate to do business with her because she's a great GO participant and you wont regret it. ^^
    20. Reddeath1888 bought a wig from me and transaction was silky smooth with prompt payments & fast communication - thank you! :aheartbea