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Feedback for redmaiko

Apr 2, 2009

    1. Decided it was time to start a feedback thread, so here we go!:)
    2. Redmaiko bought a singing Lily puki faceplate from me. Payed super fast and was really nice! Hope to see you again.
    3. Redmaiko had me make a tiny PUki newsboy hat. It was such fun to do. We had great communication, and her payment was super speedy. Can't wait until she gets her little hat.
    4. redmaiko purchased some Puki hands from me. Her Pms were friendly and payment arrived super-fast. It was a great transaction.
      Thanks again,
    5. Redmaiko and i did a trade ... my puki faceplate for her puki clothing that she gave me a choice(s) of. She sent out the items fast and let me know when she got my faceplate.

      great trader... hope you enjoy the faceplate :)
    6. I sold a Puki coat to redmaiko and it was an easy and enjoyable transaction. :)
    7. I told a pair of Puki feet to Redmaiko. Communication was great and the whole transaction went smoothly. Thank you very much :)
    8. I recently sold a wig to redmaiko, and it was such a fun experience! Great communication, swift payment, and she let me know when it arrived! You can't ask for a better transaction than that!
    9. I traded a sleeping Pong faceplate for some Puki wigs from redmaiko. It's the first time I've made a trade that went both ways (normally I just buy and buy and buy) - and it just went perfect. I did have a little bit of nerves; because I received the wigs before she got the faceplate; but everything went fine and we had great communication all the way.

      My Pukis adore their new wigs. Thanks for a great trade. :fangirl:
    10. I sold a sleeping Cupid puki faceplate to redmaiko and it was a wonderful transaction! Great communication and quick payment. I'd be happy to do business with her again!

      Thank you very much! :)
    11. redmaiko sold me a puki wig!! she is very fast and kind!
      she send many emails to know if evrething was ok ^^ she even send me a present :D!! tks a lot :D!
    12. Redmaiko did a face up and body blush on all my Glot's parts. She did a wonderful job and my girl is exactly how I wnated her. She sent me progress pics of each part she completed and made sure I was happy with how things looked before she sealed each one. Keep in mind she is my daughter in law but she still did a great job even if she is family. :D

      Ignore the magnet on her head that is for her horn.
    13. I sold my winking chichi faceplate to redmaiko, she paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with and kept me informed on how the tracking was going since I couldn't track it. She then told me when it had arrived :D
    14. Redmaiko bought a top from me. She was really polite and paid super quick. Thanks so much!!
    15. another happy seller here! RedMaiko was awesome to deal with, thank you so much!
    16. I sold redmaiko a blue maid puki outfit set, it was a very pleasant transaction, thanks!
    17. I've been lucky enough to do business with redmaiko on several occasions. She recently decided to sell a puki faceplate that I had originally sold to her, and she gave me first shot at it, which is very awesome, and she included a tiny lizard, which is EXTRA awesome, considering that one of my pukis has been wanting a second little friend.

      I was also fortunate enough to have her in the Fairyland Group Order that I ran. This has been my biggest Group Order thus far, and having folks who are prompt and clear communicators as well as quick to make payments is ALWAYS a high point. If it weren't for participants like redmaiko, running a Group Order would be more hassle than it's worth.

      I can't recommend her highly enough!
    18. RedMaiko purchased a pair of glass eyes from me and we had a very pleasant transaction. Smooth and easy all the way, communication was up to par and payment was instant. I would deal with them again without hesitation~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your purchase!! :pcake:bcake
    19. i bought a puki dress and hat from RedMaiko XD the transaction was smooth and the shipping was fast! <3
    20. Back again to say that Redmaiko purchased a pair of LittleFee hands from me and we had yet another wonderful transaction.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your purchase! :pcake:bcake