Feedback for reflectivebee

Feb 8, 2017

    1. Hello! <3 Please leave feedback for me in this thread!
    2. reflectivebee purchased a Minifee on layaway. payments were paid promptly. great buyer :):)
    3. I bought a KDF Ttori in full and D~ was a pleasure to buy from. She gave me the full rundown on the doll and any potential issues, had everything well-packed and included a few thoughtful bonus items. I'd highly recommend!
    4. I sold a Summer 2014 Luts head to reflectivebee. Communication and payment were very quick, sweet buyer, many thanks! <3 POSITIVE
    5. Extremely positive! I sold a Winter 2020 Luts head to reflectivebee, her communication was top-notch, her payment was very quick, and she was a very kind and easy person to talk to. Super happy with our transaction! Would definitely recommend <3
    6. Great feedback! Patient and prompt buyer! I sold them a doll dress and they paid promptly and let me know when it arrived. Yay! ❤️❤️❤️