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Feedback for Regenlief

Jul 14, 2009

    1. I am starting a thread for Regenlief, since I didn't find one.

      Regenlief bought my black SD Fer. She was great throughout, prompt payment and great communication. She let me know when the Fer arrived, as well, which is always appreciated!
    2. Regenlief bought a SD Fer from me, and paid quickly. Communication was great too. Thanks again!:)
    3. Regenlief joined my Bygg/Beyla soom spilt for the outfit. Communication was excellent and always polite and she paid exactly when she said she would. An all round perfect buyer, would highly recommend! ^_^
    4. I purchased a Dollheart dress from Regenlief, communication was fast and friendly, it was sent super fast and is perfect :) Highly recommend Regenlief to everyone :)
    5. Regenlief bought the arm wears from DH Mr.Devil set from me. Fast payment and great communication. Also she notified me when she received the items. Highly recommend this buyer~ thank you, Regenlief!
    6. Regenlief bought a DH Detective set from me. The transaction went beautifully and I would definitely recommend doing business with her! :D
    7. Regenlief joined my Syen double split for a Syen outfit. She paid quickly, was wonderful to work with, and even let me know when the package arrived. Overall, a wonder to work with! <333
    8. Regenlief was a member of the Robert Downey Jr. Minimee head order and was super to work with. Payments were quick and communication was great. Thank you!
    9. Regenlief bought an outfit from me last year. Fast payment and prompt communication. Thanks again!