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Feedback for reichiere

Dec 5, 2006

    1. Hello~

      Please leave feedback about me as a buyer/seller! Thanks so much! :celebrate
    2. Lovely to deal with, Thank you very much! Very very thankful to hear that your girl got to you ^__^ I hope you enjoy her!
    3. Reichiere is a wonderful person to deal with. She was in a group order I ran and really patient when the items was delayed by the producer. Thank you so much for your patient. :D
    4. I was in a group order ran by Reichiere, and everything went great.
      Thank you very much~! ^-^
    5. She ran a dollmore group order. She kept everyone updated. Great to deal with and very friendly:)
    6. Shes so very friendly and sweet. I was in a dollmore group order hosted by reichiere! ^^ Thank you so much for doing everything!! I hope you are well and healthy!
    7. I took place in a dollmore group order organized by reichiere and it went well. She did a good job of keeping in contact even while the forum was down. Thanks again!
    8. I was a member of the dollmore group order reichiere held. I was very happy with how well everything was organized and even when the forum was down reichiere updated everyone by email. Thank you!!!
    9. reichiere was GREAT! she hosted a group order for dollmore, even though DoA went down.. she E-mailed us all and keep us up to date with everything! Then even if she's sick! She still try her best to get the items to us! thank you reichiere!!! *hug*
    10. Reichiere hosted a Dollmore group order I participated in recently (My first group order, even!). Not only did she keep everyone updated (Communication rocked!), but she was incredibly sweet to boot. Even when she fell ill, she kept us updated and sent out our items.

      I will definitely participate in another group order if reichiere hosts it; I'm that pleased with how things turned out. Thank you so much!!
    11. I was on a group order to Dollmore that Reichiere hosted and it was fantastic. She is an excellent communicator and any transaction with her is highly recommended. Shipping was very quick and my item was well packaged.

      Thanks so much for your time and effort, Reichiere!! ^__^
    12. Participated in a Group Order started by reichiere that went smoothly. Always kept us updated about everything and had our packages sent off as soon as she got them. I definitly recommend doing business with her! ^^
    13. took part in a reichiere group order and it went great!
    14. Was in a Dollmore group with her, everything was AMAZING!

      So fast, perfect communication, I would totally choose her for another group order!
    15. I was a part of a Dollmore group order with Reichiere and everything went fantastic. The order was delayed because of some stock issues, but she was on top of communicating with us and them so everyone knew what was going on. I'd defiantly do it again!:)
    16. I'm another satisfied participant of rechiere's GOs. She kept us updated even when there were no updates and never hesitated to email Dollmore about our order. She was very flexible about payment and shipped out my bag the day after I paid her. The bag was shipped very carefully and she even included chocolate in my package :chocoheart I would definitely participate in another of her GOs if I needed to and highly recommend her to other prospective participants :fangirl:
    17. Once again! rechiere Ran a WONDERFUL GROUP ORDER! ANY GRoup order is run by her! YAll MUST JOIN! i'm sure i am!
    18. I was in a Dollmore GO run by rechiere, and despite the fact that Dollmore jerked us around for much longer than usual - rechiere was very persistent in getting us updates and making sure we were not forgotten.

      I highly recommend rechiere! Shipping was also very quick and well packed :)
    19. Another satisfied member of Reichiere's Dollmore group order, very good communication and fast shipping, I will definitely join again in the future.
    20. Reichiere hosted a Dollmore group order that I was a participant in and everything with smoothly despite a few bumps in the road due to lack of communication on the company's fault. She kept a cool head and handled everything well, updating us frequently and never failing to let us know what was going on. I am very pleased, everything was packaged wonderfully and arrived safely and she even included a couple of yummy treats. :D What more could you possibly ask for in a host? Definitely recommended.

      Many thanks~