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Feedback for ReidFire

Nov 2, 2011

    1. Hi!

      No feedback yet, since I'm only newly active in the forum. For everyone having a transaction with me please write in this thread. Thanks! :D
    2. ReidFire has purchased a Soom MD from me, and the transaction went very smoothly, despite the complexities of international shipping. Her communication is superb, she is thoughtful and efficient. Personally, she is a pleasure to talk to as well.
    3. I bought a DZ Hong.The doll was packed and sent very soon after purchasing.ReidFire was very nice and polite in communication.Everything was great,thanks for the deal!
    4. ReidFire bought a Soom Io head from me. Prompt payment and easy to talk to. ^_^
    5. Reidfire commissioned me to do the faceup for her DZ Kangxi.
      Communication is perfect, payment is prompt, and she is very friendly.
      Other words,she is a wonderful customer!
      Thanks Reidfire, for the opportunity to paint your boy, and also for the wonderful transaction ^^
    6. I bought Chalco hands from ReidFire. Easy communication, she's very friendly. Package was carefully packed and came to me it the best condition!
      Highly recommended!)
    7. Just sold a lovely head to Reidfire. Things went great ^^
    8. I bought ReidFire's beautiful Ringdoll Sol and the transaction went awesomely~
      She was incredibly friendly and was fast to reply and ship. I would definitely buy from her again without hesitation !
    9. ReidFire bought Soom Jet from me. Paid on time and was great with communication. :)
    10. I bought Chalco MD outfit from ReidFire. The transaction was very smooth and super-fast! The answers were fast and detailed, and the outfit was perfectly packed and shipped in time right after the payment) Thank you so-so much! I am very happy with out transaction! Look forward to cooperate with you again)))
    11. I commisioned ReidFire to do a face-up for my beloved Soom MD Chrom-Firelord head. I only gave her a rough idea of the expression that I want and I told her to paint a tattoo/scar as her pleased because I don't really have any idea about what I want.

      She kept a good communication and sent previews, which always made me more and more excited, waiting for the next preview. And bam, it's finished with totally incredible result. What a talent and creativity she has! :fangirl:

      Thank you so much for the faceup, your touch is magical! I love the sculpt but never realised it could be this gorgeous. :aheartbea
      I will happily send another head in the future~ Very recommended artist!
    12. I have commissioned ReidFire on a faceup for my Soom Dia head. She is very understanding, efficient and friendly. It took about a month to complete which i think it's really fast. The result is amazing, i like the eyebrows especially as they are very detailed drawn *3*. Although there were smudges caused by the facemask, ReidFire did not hesitate to offer a refund(that's what i call Professionalism!! :D). Luckily, they could be rubbed off away with magic sponge/eraser, so no refund is required. phew. >_< It was really a pleasure dealing with you. ^^
    13. ReidFire bought Soom sabik head from me. Paid on time and was great with communication, a very fast and positive dealing! ^__^
    14. I love her work. She worked on my AE Alex (girl make-up) and Crobi Soi. I love her face-up on both dolls.
      From what I see, she improved a lot in Crobi Soi. The face-up is no longer like newbie face-up artist. Even on AE Alex, the face-up was misled by someone in flickr as company's face-up and I agreed with her!...
      Honestly...before she raise her rate and too busy as face-up artist, better get your slot right now. In the future, we may have to queue to get one... T^T...
    15. Commissioned Reidfire to work on my Soom Chalco - her work is excelled and so is her communication. Very professional, thank you so much!
    16. Had the best transaction ever with Reidfire!!! Fast payment and communication was an absolute pleasure. I will miss talking with Reidfire :)
    17. commissioned REIDFIRE to do my Granado Davon's face up. Amazing talent, excellent face up :) Thank you!
    18. ReidFire created an amazing face-up for my DollClans Vezeto :aheartbea. She is a pleasure to deal with: excellent communication, very helpful and she is so very talented. Highly recommended!
    19. ReidFire did a beautiful face up for my vampire boy, Cain (Doll-Love Kaja). She gives a scar and tatto at Cain's face. really like it. Gorgeus make up too when she add a red blood at Cain's lips. Great job and thank you very much
    20. Commissioned Reidfire for my Loongsoul - Morgan.
      -Great communicate really understand requests and her work was really beautiful XD
      Thank you ^.^