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Feedback for Reilig

Sep 18, 2008

    1. Just wound up my first DoA-transaction (I'm still grinning!!). Just in case, here my very own feedback-thread.....
    2. Reilig bought a doll head from me =) The whole transaction was awesome. Fast, friendly, lovely PMs, super quick payment and just an all round joy to do business with!
      Thank you so much! ^-^
    3. Prompt payment and great communication.
      It was a pleasure to deal with Reilig !
      thank you. :)
    4. Relig bought a Unoa "o" faceplate from me. She was great to deal with. Many thanks!
    5. Relig bought SD13 girl body from me and paid very quickly. She was a joy to deal with throught out the whole transaction. I hope that I have the pleasure to buy or sell to her again. I recommend her very highly as an excellent communicator and all around nice person. She was just great to deal with. I recommend her without any reservations what so ever
    6. Reilig bought a Volks head from me. She was *very* friendly and fast with communication and payment. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with her and I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

      Thanks again :)!
    7. Reilig bought an outfit from me. She's friendly and the communication was great. Thank you very much!
    8. Reilig bought a doll from me and paid quickly with great communication. I couldnt ask for a better buyer than Reilig. Thank you so so very much for a great transaction! :D <3
    9. Reilig purchased from our &#12304;Tous Les Garcons Clothes Shop&#12305;. She was very nice and friendly to communicate and kindly let me know when she pick up the clothes. It's a very pleasant transaction with her. Thank you so much ^ ^
    10. Reilig bought some Souldoll armor from me and a LE vest, all SD sized. She payed quickly and was very understanding about me having trouble shipping out of my country for the first time. She was very fun and nice to talk to and notified me quickly when the clothes arrived. I'd gladly do business with her any time ^_^.
    11. Reilig bought a Lati doll from me. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Reilig payed immediately and was wonderful to communicate with. I am so happy to have had the chance to meet her through this transaction. I would highly recommend her to any seller.
      Thanks so much Reilig!! :fangirl:
    12. Reilig bought a Volks YoSD Megu from me. She was wonderful to deal with and a pleasure to deal with :)

      She paid immediately and communication with her was soo easy! I'm glad I got to have this chance to have this transaction with her! I highly recommend her to any seller
    13. Reilig bought a fullset Lati yellow Laches from me. She is a friendly buyer and is prompt in communication and payment. I have a smooth and great transaction with her.

      === Transaction History ===
      Date as in GMT + 8

      2009, November
      08th - received a PM from Reilig and item was put on hold for her
      09th - sent a PM to Reilig with total shipping cost
      11th - received full payment from Reilig
      14th - the parcel was posted out via registered air mail
      24th - received a PM from Reilig to notify that she has her Laches home safe and sound
    14. Reilig purchased a doll from me, and the transaction was wonderful. Reilig was extremely polite and prompt with payment and communication. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks again.
    15. I had flawless and smooth transaction with Reilig.
      Reilig purchased a doll from me. She's such a dream buyer! Polite, Clear communication and Prompt payment!! (^-^)v
      Thank you very much Reilig. It's a pleasure to deal with you!!
      Highly recommended as a great buyer!! :daisy
    16. Reilig purchased from our &#12304;Tous Les Garcons Clothes Shop&#12305;again. She is alway friendly during the whole transaction and promptly let me know as soon as she picked up the package. Wonderful buyer. Very nice and lovely~ ^ ^ Thank you so much ~ ^ ^
    17. Reilig participated in my Luna tamer split, and was very patient, and responded quickly to PMs. :3 A wonderful buyer.
    18. A very lovely and patient buyer who understand my difficult situation and patiently waited for me to send out the package. I couldn't ask for a better buyer than her. Highly recommended buyer :)
    19. Reilig bought a Leeke & Minimee heads from me. Very good buyer, excellent communication and paid promptly. Thank you so much!:)
    20. Reilig bought my SD 10 Nana. The payment was fast, the comunication was great and everything went ok. She is a nice person, and I will be very happy to do deal with her again! Highly recommended!