Feedback for Reinhart

Aug 12, 2017

    1. Please leave feedback for Reinhart here.
    2. I purchased a Dollmore fur vest from @Reinhart and the transaction was great! He replied quickly, shipped fast and packaged perfectly. I definitely recommend! Thank you dear!
    3. I bought Raccoondoll Mika from @Reinhart

      His communication was great, the doll was shipped very fast and arrived in perfect condition. A perfect transaction and would recommend! ^_^
    4. I bought a ResinSoul Song from @Reinhart and the whole transaction was fantastic. It was my first time purchasing on the DoA market and he made it so smooth and easy to understand.

      The doll was shipped fast, in a super secure package, and arrived really quickly from the Uk to my US location. Very helpful and knowledgeable seller. I highly recommend :)