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Feedback for Reiyuu

Sep 13, 2009

    1. My feedback thread.

      thanks for dropping by. If you have any queries pm me :)
    2. Reiyuu was excellent with her dollmore order, She kept me up to date with the wig i had placed in with her dollmore order and found her to be a pleasure to do business with.
    3. reiyuu partipated in my skoll split and everything went excellantly. would love to have her join a split agian in the future if she'd like. :)
    4. Just received the wings I got in a Cuprit split with Reiyuu Thank you very much! Will deal with again.
    5. Reiyuu participated in my SOOM Sphaler split and was just awesome to work with. Communication was kept up fabulously on her end and payments were made swiftly and when promised. I would love to do business with her again.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for joining my split and helping me bring my boy home!! :pcake:bcake
    6. Reiyuu sold me an Iplehouse Luna Tamer on layaway and was absolutely wonderful to deal with - answered my questions pronto & was willing to work out time payments & then did a fantastic job packing her up safely for her trip to her new home. I am absolutely thrilled with my new girl and can't thank Reiyuu enough!!!!!

      :) :) :) :) :) :)
    7. I just ran a Soom MD Chalco split that Reiyuu participated in for the Mask/horns. She was great to work with, punctual with her payment, understanding with the layaway, and just a fabulous split participant! I would definitely recommend her in the future!
    8. Reiyuu did a layaway with me for my fullset Tedros. Payments were made as promised and she paid him off way early. I would deffinately work with her again. The whole transaction was wonderful!
    9. I bought Chrom's outfit from Reiyuu and the transaction was wonderful! Communication was great, shipping was amazingly fast, and the outfit arrived just as promised. I would definitely buy from Reiyuu again!
    10. I participated in a Soom Appini split Reiyuu ran. Everything she had control over went flawlessly. She communicated promptly with UPS when they badly messed up the shipment, and got it all straightened out when it seemed like the package was headed back to the UK.

      Final score: UPS 0, buyer (me) 1, and it's thanks to Reiyuu.
    11. I participed to the Soom Grit split of Reiyuu.
      She mp'ed the news about the split and communication was great.
      The parts are send very quickly and they was protect. Perfect!
      I would love to do business with her again.
    12. i had a lovely wig commission with reiyuu.
      the communication is more then perfect and payment as well
      i can say enough great things about this transaction
      i hope we can work together again in the future <3
    13. Reiyuu ran a Soom Grit split that I participated in. She was an excellent split leader, keeping me informed with speedy, lovely communication, and my R head and wig arrived extremely quickly for overseas post, lovelingly packaged! I reccomend her highly as both a seller and a split participant and leader. This was my first split and it went off without a hitch!
    14. I just received a Soom Teenie MD doll from Rei! The whole transaction was just perfect! Rei ship out the doll very fast, so I can meet my cutie as soon as possible! It's a luck I meet Rei, thanks!

      A+++ Seller, highly recommended! &#9829;&#9829;&#9829;
    15. Did a great layaway transaction with Reiyuu, she bought my Senior Delf Annette. Very prompt payments. I highly recommend her as a buyer. :)

      Hope you and Irina have a beautiful life together. :)
    16. Reiyuu and I traded the Soom heads. She's polite, sweet and friendly. Communication was great. The traded head was in the post and arrived very quickly. Thank you so much. And I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again! :D

      :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~
    17. Reiyuu sold me her Soom Mylo, and she was fantastic to deal with! Wonderful communication, fast shipping and all around awesome. She even did a pair of eyebrows on my girl for no additional charge. Really recommended ^^
    18. I buyed an Dream of Doll DoI Limited Kalix in Grey Skin from her and the communication was very kind. Everything went well. The shipping was fast and every part was well packed and labled.

      Thank you very much, I would always buy again from Reiyuu &#9829;
    19. Reiyuu bought a Oasis Linglan from me with layaway. I have never had a buyer that was so prompt with payments!! Every Friday like a clock she would send her payment in. She is was also very understanding about the delay with the shipping because of Easter. Highly recommend this girl, she is excellent in every way.
    20. Reiyuu joined my Soom MD Ender split for the Jackal head and Jackal wig. It had been a wonderful transaction. She is very friendly and kept her words about payments and everything. She is welcome to join every time again in a split of mine. ;)