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Feedback for Renny.Baelentyne

Jan 10, 2010

    1. you know the drill.:lol:
    2. I sold some SD clothes to her. She paid fast and was polite with communication. Very good buyer, thanks ^----^
    3. I sold a wig to Renny.Baelentyne and all was perfect with a prompt payment and a very nice communication ! I recommend her for all kind of transactions ! Thanks a lot !
    4. Sold cloths to

      XD Told me when it arrive Payed fast Good transaction A++ buyer ^^
    5. Renny bought a wig from me. PMs were friendly and prompt as was the payment!

      THanks so much <3
    6. Doesn't seem to be a thread for Renny.Baelentyne yet so I thought I'd start it. :)

      She bought a Delf IF from me on Layaway but managed to pay her off right away! She was very communicative and sweet throughout the entire process. A wonderful transaction, thanks so much!
    7. made a wig for Renny.Baelentyne she was great and everything was terrific :)
    8. We put a shirt on hold for Renny and she paid exactly when she said she would. She's a delight to work with and we highly recommend her as a buyer. Thanks so much!
    9. Great transaction with Renny.Baelentyne who purchased a jacket from me. Payment was fast and communication was good. An excellent buyer. Thank you!
    10. This is the second time I've sold to Renny, this time it was some jeans. Payment was quick as were Renny's replies to my messages. Thanks so much!
    11. Sold a pair of Mnf jeans to Renny.Baelentyne and she was great to deal with. She was very friendly in her messages and let me know when they arrived. Thanks
    12. I sold a SD doll carrier to Renny.Baelentyne it was a perfect transaction, great communication and prompt payment, I would not hesitate to deal with Renny.Baelentyne again.

    13. Another lovely transaction with this wonderful buyer. Thanks again!
    14. I bought Renny's Souldoll Gisele head from her! The transaction could not have been more perfect, and I highly recommend doing business with her!
    15. Bought Freddie (BBB Charisma Male) from her! It was a great transaction, she willingly waited for me to get the money and we had a smooth transaction. Lovely seller and person. I got the package but unfortunately many of the clothes she had given me were lost due to the postal services HORRIBLE job! She was gracious enough to offer a couple things to compensate and was very attentive to all of my emails regarding it.

      Would 100% do business with her again!
    16. Bought a lovely pair of jeans and a jacket from Renny - they were shipped out very fast and arrived in perfect condition. I'm very pleased with them. There was also good communication during the transaction. I would definitely recommend this seller.
    17. I bought a Souldoll Souldouble Body from Renny on 3/19 for $420, including the $40 shipping fee. On 3/21, she requested that I pay an extra $17 to cover the Paypal fees. I obliged.

      On 3/30, I received the body. However, it was in less-than-pristine condition. There were three broken fingers, sloppily glued back on (not by me). http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j1...t=S8005160.jpg It was also dirty. She claimed she hadn't noticed this. I PMed Renny saying I was very disappointed at this undisclosed damage and wanted a refund. She apologized and asked if I would accept a partial refund because things were tight. However, given that this was the old body, and the resin was so old, I doubted I would be able to find a good resin match. I just wanted a refund.

      On 3/31, she said she could refund me $390, but not the shipping, because she didn't have the money. On 4/2, she suggested that we claim the doll was damaged in shipping, and get the full money back on insurance. I declined, and said she could do that once the doll was back in her hands. Later, she said I should cancel the Paypal claim so she could refund me. However, there was a technical error that preventing me from canceling it. Then, a friend recommended I call Paypal. They told me firmly not to cancel the claim, as then I would lose all protection. So I didn't. Even later that day, she requested pictures of the body so she could sell it while waiting on the money.

      We had to deal with Paypal for several days. Renny told me of her desperate financial situation, and that she couldn't afford any of this. We tried to arrange my shipping the doll from here to a new buyer. Then I was reminded of the in-possession rule on DoA, which dictates that one cannot sell something that is not strictly in their possession. When I told Renny this, on 4/10, she said I would either be out nearly $100 for shipping because she refused to refund me that, or sell the doll myself to the girl. She also revealed that she was going to charge the girl an extra $20 for shipping to compensate me.

      On 4/12, I won the Paypal case, and was awarded the $390. I told Renny that I would ship the doll back as soon as she paid for shipping. On 4/13, when I told her this, she threatened to get the police involved if I didn't ship the doll back for free. (At this point, I was already out $57 for shipping and the Paypal fees.) I told her I just wanted the shipping money, and she was free to call the police if she felt the need. She then told me to ship the doll to her cousin in America and take a CLEAR photograph of the receipt for shipping. She said she'd pay $15 now and would pay the extra, if any, after. I shipped on 4/18 for about $18.30. I told her this and sent her a clear photograph of the receipt. This was the last contact I received from her regarding that.

      All in all, I lost $60 after buying a damaged body from her. However, she was very friendly and cooperative until I told her I wanted all my money back, as opposed to the other options she set forth. She tried to arrange other ways to get me my money, or compensate for the loss. I believe that, if nothing serious goes wrong, she is a nice seller. She shipped promptly, her communication was prompt, and it was well-packaged. Her desperate money situation may have made things difficult for her.
    18. I bought a few pieces of dolly clothes from Renny, she was very sweet to deal with, and shipped them quickly.
      thank you! :)
    19. Only just noticed the feedback from lukasagitta , i ask that anyone reading this disregard what she has said as her post os riddled with exagerations, wrong information and outright lies. I'm pming a mod now to have this removed.
    20. She bought my Lishe and was a joy to deal with. Payment was fast and communication great/ Enjoy you rnew girl and I hope we can do business again.