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Feedback for Rhii?

Nov 27, 2005

    1. I don't like making things public, but I feel like I've hit a brick wall. I haven't been able to contact her and I sent payment for an item over a month ago. If it was just 5 or 10 dollars, I would just shrug it off. But $85 is too much for me to just throw away.

      Hmm, I think she said it was sent out, but since I can't reach her and seem to have lost my PMs, I can't confirm this. I keep finding this...weird...because I've had items come from Hong Kong that get here faster.

      Anyway, I'm hoping with this post I can either get in touch with her or someone that knows her can get her attention. All I want is a little info on what's going on and my item. ;.;

    2. Hello - I know Rhii slightly - I'm not sure but I think she may be going to university in England this autumn?

      But in my experience she was a very nice person and wouldn't rip you off...

    3. I've dealt with her, and very successfully, three or four times.
      I do have an outstanding item that I have not received, though, and it's also been about a month.
      I heard from her last week, and she said the post was unusually, horribly, slow, and something else that she had mailed took a month, also.
      I said I'd pm her back if my item hadn't arrived by this Friday, but I haven't done it yet.
      I will, but I guess I'm not so worried because I have had a few great transactions with her already.
    4. Hi! I had some things I purchased from her about a month or two ago, and it only arrived just recently....! The post does seem very slow lately!!
      Good luck!
    5. I'm still waiting for a couple of items to arrive from her, too. Usually as soon as I get antsy about it, it'll arrive. XD;
    6. Thank you all for responding to this. I don't feel as antsy as I did now that I know I need to be a touch more patient cause it'll get here. Eventually... Though I hope christmas mail doesn't slow up my package more..! n.n;;

      Thanks again.

    7. What'd I tell ya? I got angsty and yesterday afternoon I got a notification from the post office that I had a foreign parcel. We'll see if it's my package from Rhii today! :D
    8. i had a good transaction with her, she sold me a sweet dreams mika head (who i love to BITS) and all was smooth :D the mail seems to be going slow for many people lately. patience is a virtue! or something :P
    9. i got an item from her - took a long time but it did get here ... good luck!
    10. Yes-- my package just arrived. :) Wait a few more weeks, and if it doesn't arrive, be sure and contact her.
    11. Yup, my item arrived today.
      The Malaysia post must be bogged down or something.
    12. My package took almost a month to arrive as well, but I did get it. I was very worried too though.
    13. I've done ordered through Rhii's LeekeWorld preorders three or four times. Shipping was a bit slow each time, I always received my items.
    14. Wanted to say thanks to all those that responded to this thread. And I also wanted to say I just got my package today. Err..came yesterday, but no one was home to sign for it. But yeah.. n.n All's good on my end now. :D!!
    15. This is an old thread, but since it has Rhii's name on it, i thought it best to post feedback here. i just received two t shirts from her, and they're quite nice, just as i ordered. They did take a very long time to arrive (ordered back in early July), but she said there was an addressing error and the package was returned. She rechecked and double checked the address and notified me when she remailed. This indicated to me that she is a reliable and trustworthy seller with good communication, and if you have patience with the vagaries of shipping, you will be satisfied.
    16. Rhii has been a wonderful seller.. Nothing but positive things to say about her. Buy with confidence...

      thanks so much again
    17. *somewhat confused on how this works*

      Here's my feedback thread ^^
      Please post if you have a transaction with me (buying / selling / etc) ~

      Thank you ! :aheartbea
    18. Rhii bought some boots off me! Very quick payment and communication! Thank you! A+
    19. Bought a Sadol top from rhii which arrived today. She let me know when she sent it out. Very friendly and great communication. Thanks again!!! :D
    20. Bought a pair of boots from rhii and received it today... xD She keep me inform upon the transaction and very friendly too. Everything went smoothly. <33 Thank you so much!!!!