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Feedback for Rhonda W

May 15, 2010

    1. Please post feedback here

      Thank you! :whitetruffle
    2. I had two CCC Fidelia Fireflies and as anyone should know, there can only be one alpha firefly so Rhonda kindly offered to adopt Thornapple and has given her a wonderful new home.

      The transaction with Rhonda was great and she is fantastic to deal with...I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Rhonda again!

      Thanks for adopting Thornapple!!!
    3. Just bought a Cheese Mouse from Rhonda. Is super nice and quick to communicate. She shipped him out right away, was quick to send me the DC#. Loved buying from her - doll was in great shape as described!
    4. Ronda adopted an IF from me, she has been excellent throughout and made the transaction smooth. It all happened so fast, and she is so warm, I feel relieved to have found such an excellent home!!! She really has made me happy!!!!