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Feedback for RIDEL

Feb 8, 2008

    1. Hello,
      please leave a feedback for RIDEL.
    2. Oh My ..I am honored to leave the first feedback for a wonderful person. I bought a Bliss head from ridel and everything went just great. The head was in perfect condition and received it very quickly. I would recommend doing business with Ridel anytime.
    3. ridel bought a dollie sweater from me, and everything went wonderfully. ^^ Thank you~.
    4. I bought a pair of eyes from ridel and it was the perfect trasaction all around! Great communication, fast shipping and the eyes are beautiful. Would definitely do business with ridel again. Thank you so much! :daisy
    5. Ridel purchased a doll head from me. Very quick with response and payment. :) I would be happy to do business with Ridel again!
    6. Ridel purchased some wigs from me. Communication was great and the payment was super fast. A wonderful transaction, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Thank you! <3
    7. Ridel bought a pair of lovely green Zouks from me. Very communicative and sweet. Thank you! :)
    8. RIDEL bought a wig from me and was very courteous and fast with payment. Thank you~! :)
    9. Ridel bought a pair of Vampire Silver mystic eyes and was great to deal with^^ Paid quickly and was very communicative, highly recommended buyer:D
    10. Ridel was great to deal with! Open and honest communication, went out of the way to make sure I understood the condition of the item but to my surprise, the item was much better than described. Thank you so much for such a great transaction!

    11. I bought an Elysium Lime head from Ridel and it was a flawless transaction. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Ridel again.:)
    12. I bought a Liz head from Ridel - she was such a sweetheart *0*
      She held the head for me and let me take my time to pay him off, she shipped quickly and they head arrived to me in only a few days!
      Excellent transaction, highly recommended seller.^^
    13. Ridel bought a B&G bathrobe from me and the transaction went well! Prompt payment, was efficient in her PMs, a pleasure to deal with. Thanks!
    14. ridel purchased a wig from me, very excellent transaction! thanks again.
    15. I bought a doll from RIDEL, she shipped him super fast and include clothes so he wasnt naked. She kept great communication and the doll is super cute!!Thank you agian!!
    16. Ridel bought an Iplehouse bod from me and was a wonderful buyer!
      She paid immediately and let me know once the body had arrived right away! Communication was wonderful and it was a truly flawless transaction. I am grateful to her for giving my boys bod a home! :lol:

      Thank you Ridel! :D
    17. Ridel purchased a pair of eyes from me. Communication was great and payment was quick. She also let me know when the eyes arrived, which is always awesome.
    18. Ridel purchased an outfit set from me. Payment was fast and she let me know when the item arrived. This was a perfect transaction. Thank you!
    19. Ridel purchased another outfit set from me. Transaction was once again perfect. Thanks! ^_^
    20. Ridel was so lovely to deal with. Ridel purchased a pair of dollmore boots, communication was great and it was
      a pleasure. Thank you ridel!